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Welcome back everyone! Today we are sharing another day at home with us on our homestead! #largefamilylove #homesteading …

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  1. becky ray
    becky ray says:

    Here in south central Ohio I shuttle the grandkids to and from school some days. I start off scraping frost off the windows and cranking up the car heater and by pick up time, I need the air conditioner…..

  2. H LeMier
    H LeMier says:

    Good Friday night! Gkad you got to make meals outta your freeezer! I do the same throw it in freezer for later meals. Yes i live in Eastern New Mexico and its desert here we have crazy weather. Cool sometimes cold mornings, warm in day cold at night! Thanks for sharing your wonderful family!❤❤❤

    YUMMY FOOD says:

    I really love your creativity! Keep it up my friend! Success is what happens after you have survived all of your disappointments! Never give up, great things take care! It deserves all success around and I'm here for you!

  4. Wendy Collier
    Wendy Collier says:

    I finally made the Amish White Bread and WHAT 🤯 that is the best bread I’ve made. Plan another loaf this weekend. Kicking myself for not making earlier when you talked about. I got new bread pans and procrastination got me. Haha. Won’t stop making this. Thank you

  5. Erica Stout
    Erica Stout says:

    Good evening angel girl and family ❤️ I got out of the hospital few nights ago and came to the nursing center., for physical therapy and rehab. They said I might be here two weeks or three weeks ❤. I hope and pray that I get to go home soon. I was going to leave here and go home. My cat's needed food and water 💦. So this morning one of the nurses got my keys and feed and water them for me. So I am going to do rehab. Please pray for me 🙏🙏🙏😇 love you sweetie 😘🙏

  6. KendraS90
    KendraS90 says:

    I recently let my freezer run to almost completely empty. It saved me money by using up what I had, but then I was able to start completely fresh by restocking it. It's now restocked with the exception of a few things I could use next time I go to Sams club. But with groceries being so high, I try my best to stick to my meal plan and eat at home. I want a break, though, lol!

  7. Yvette & Gerry
    Yvette & Gerry says:

    I have a list like that on my fridge and if you use up the leftover bits it gives you lots of freezer space . It’s pouring rain here today 😢I had all these ideas for my garage today but it’s sooo cold , won’t be doing that . Thank you ! 💦☔️💦

  8. Tia DeJong
    Tia DeJong says:

    Living in Wisconsin we can have all 4 seasons in a day. So I totally get where you are coming from. It looks like this weekend will be our last nice weekend before the cold stays. It was 67 yesterday and by Tuesday its supposed to be like 30 and just keep getting colder. Snow will be coming soon. Ugh.

  9. BrendaBarNett
    BrendaBarNett says:

    I really need to make a leftover list like this so I can meal plan from them. I'm renowned for freezing bits and pieces and not really getting to them in a timely manner. Thank you for showing this ❤ Have a blessed weekend 😊

  10. Erica S
    Erica S says:

    I raised 3 turkeys this year for thanksgiving and I only have them for like 3 months maybe a little longer and they was huge when we butchered them. Like 30 lbs it was crazy… but so good

  11. tamboo83
    tamboo83 says:

    Good Morning sweet family! We raised turkeys and be careful they can get territorial and mean…I did make one a pet..he followed me everywhere and was so good..I called him “my child”..😊
    It is Friday here and storming…yesterday nice today cold, Ky weather here! Our Thanksgiving may be after due to our kids and grandkids getting together but nonetheless as long as family is here that is all that matters! We went to the movies when Top Gun Maverick came out…we weren’t a fan…it was ok but we have our hearts on Top Gun! Have a blessed day!

  12. Angela Fleming
    Angela Fleming says:

    Happy Friday the weather has been so weird here in Tennessee some days freezing yesterday hot sunday back to freezing. Anyways I need to go through my freezer just like you and deal with all the mystery meat and odds and ends maybe I will try to meal plan it in because my freezers are packed full. Take care and hsve a great weekend.

  13. Mrs. Alma Trumble
    Mrs. Alma Trumble says:

    Positivity is contagious. It lifts people up and it makes you see opportunities where others may simply see problems. So spread it all around you this Friday and in the coming weekend. Have a Beautiful and Blessed day and weekend. See you next video. Stay safe and healthy. God Bless.


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