Ultimate Clotted Cream – From Any Cream In 15 Minutes

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No need to waste 12 hours on making clotted cream the prehistoric way. Clotted cream can be made in a jiffy with any type of …

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  1. C. F.
    C. F. says:

    Holy crap I made the microwave version while my oven version is taking all day and I am blown away, tastiest thing I've ever eaten. I made a mug biscuit in the microwave for the cream. All I can say is just do it. Just. Do. It.

  2. Sue
    Sue says:

    I don’t know how it would taste but I damn hell am going to try making this the next time I make scones!
    I wouldnt try the 12hrs in oven risking burning my flat down.
    Thanks heaps!

  3. forcefreetrainergirl
    forcefreetrainergirl says:

    Thank you for this. I'm a Brit from Devon living in Canada and I MISS Devon clotted cream. You can buy extra thick cream here in a glass jar but it costs a fortune (nearly $10 for a very small jar). We can buy whipping cream here that is 33% so I'm going to try it in my Nukerator!

  4. RestWithin
    RestWithin says:

    It looks thick and creamy but it’s not nearly as heavy and rich as real clotted cream. And, it’s missing the crust on top! Come to Devon or Wales and try the real thing where the quality is superb.

  5. Jeni Bern
    Jeni Bern says:

    I live in England so can get clotted cream from the supermarket, but I like to make things from scratch so I'm going to give this a whirl. Funniest video I have seen for a long time! We need cookery videos like this!!!!

  6. Kary Hanson
    Kary Hanson says:

    I'm sure they taste lovely. I've never experienced clotted cream. I am under the impression the traditional method ends with a more "crusty" exterior. If this is true, is that texture missed in ur version or how much does the exterior play in the experience overall? Cheers

  7. Kathrin Sides
    Kathrin Sides says:

    OMFG. This was the first video I’ve ever seen of yours, and I love your work!! I have always wanted to know how to make clotted cream, and you just taught me in a very short amount of time & made me laugh! 💓

  8. Gerri Milner
    Gerri Milner says:

    i am so fortunate to be able to buy this in icecream tubs, i am so glad we brits have given the world the tastiest tea-time food. i realy appriceate the love this traditional food gets

  9. R M
    R M says:

    You need to do it slowly. Best way is at a very low temperature in a tray with plenty of surface area in the oven overnight, then the cream tastes better and you get the all important crust. Otherwise it's just boiled, reduced cream which isn't as nice and isn't clotted cream, cream that has clotted.

  10. Arthur Vasey
    Arthur Vasey says:

    It’s one of the ingredients in a Devon or Cornish cream tea – the only difference between the Devon and Cornish version is the order you put the jam and cream on – can’t remember which is which – one is jam on top of cream, the other is cream on top of jam – simple solution – I think they provide you with two scones – on one, put the jam on first, then the clotted cream, then, on the other, put the clotted cream on, followed by the jam! Might get told off if you do it “the wrong way around”, depending on which county you’re in – best to have one outside of Devon or Cornwall – it’s up to the individual!


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