What I Ate In The First Trimester – Healthy Pregnancy Recipes & Diet Tips

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Here are the foods I ate in my first trimester to make sure that mommy and baby are getting the proper nutrition and to help avoid morning sickness. Let me know …

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  1. Asma Syed
    Asma Syed says:

    I would love to watch a video on first solid baby food recipes. Should baby cereals be homemade or are store bought any good? What kind of foods should be introduced? Is meal prepping for babies ok or should it be prepared fresh daily? I have a little one who is just starting solids and I would be interested to see your ideas on baby foods.

  2. Carly Hansen
    Carly Hansen says:

    Dessi, how much turmeric did you consume? I LOVE turmeric tea and your immune boosting tea, but I'm reading that turmeric consumption can be harmful to your baby. Do you know much about these claims? Obviously Rose turned out fine, but I'm a little nervous to drink turmeric beverages.

  3. Nadine Quintero
    Nadine Quintero says:

    Magnesium supplements have a laxative effect and I had to stop taking them, so if those food u guys mentioned are good in magnesium, are they going to have the same laxative effect as the supplements?

  4. LukaDarling07
    LukaDarling07 says:

    I love this information!
    I wish I had seen some of this while I was pregnant.
    I worked very hard to make a lot of changes to maintain a healthy pregnancy.
    I only gained a small amount of weight during my pregnancy.
    Once we moved on to breastfeeding things changed a lot!
    I had more cravings, and less time to prepare healthy meals, and gained a lot of weight.
    I know you mentioned that y'all would definitely be covering foods for breastfeeding mothers, and I would personally recommend making them easy and quick.

  5. Naomi Ann Wennerholm
    Naomi Ann Wennerholm says:

    Some of the things you mentioned I have read are also good for people with Down Syndrome and Autism. Even though I am constantly searching for ideas for food recipes that would be taste and safe for my brother he has autism so I was wondering if you could do some research and come up with some recipes for those of us who have family members with autism and or downs syndrome. My brother just has autism but we have friends who have downs syndrome or both. And both have stomach issues. Along with other health issues so I would like to see what you come up with that can help.

  6. boncoon
    boncoon says:

    Your baby is blessed to have you both for parents … and to get to eat all of your WONDERFUL food!

    Enjoy life together!

    Well wishes and prayers to you all, Bonnie

  7. Sarah N
    Sarah N says:

    So, my family flips out when I make broth in the instant pot and release the valve. I've started taking it outside to open it up because it smells so bad. Do you all not have that problem?? Any tips for fixing that?

  8. bacisinceri
    bacisinceri says:

    Just found your channel and have been binge watching. I was choosing the frozen grass fed beef over the clearly labeled 100% grass fed beef in the refrigerated section of Trader Joe’s to have on deck. Now I will have to change that up. Also, spices in the bulk section of Whole Foods is a great idea. When you get home do you transfer the spices to containers? I love eggs but have been purchasing cage free plus from Whole Foods. I am about to watch your videos on pasture raised and I’m hoping they don’t cost too much more. I was wondering if Dessi is interested in “clean beauty” products as well. Origins mushroom line is one I’ve recently been using but there are many options. Whether it be skincare, make up or sunblock maybe Dessi has some suggestions.

  9. Annette Lockhart
    Annette Lockhart says:

    HeyBobby I have extra clean grass fed cow bones if you want them free . We just bought a whole cow so ……I live in the Shorewood il area we can meet up ….I don't want them to go to waste I can only use so much . meowgirls@prodigy.net I will give u my # Annette


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