Broccoli Slaw Recipe // Healthy & Delicious // Low Carb Keto // Full Time Bus Living

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IN THIS EPISODE: Fast and easy Broccoli Slaw! Only 5 ingredients that you can make in minutes. Ingredients: 1 cup Mayo 1 tsp …

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  1. Bridget Machida
    Bridget Machida says:

    I absolutely love cole slaw. I was making some today when Richard asked if I saw this video. I hadn’t, so I looked it up. Next time I’ll buy the broccoli cole slaw. I used maple syrup instead of sugar. Mine was ok. The recipe called for more vinegar than you used. I’ll try your recipe next time and compare! I did a bad thing today. I bought pumpkin cookie with chocolate chips. I had lost another pound and thought I’d celebrate, lol.


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