St. Joseph, Missouri – A lot to do, a lot to see!

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Have you ever been to St. Joseph, Missouri? It amazes us how much there is to see and do there! Plus, Missouri is a great state …

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  1. WRXS
    WRXS says:

    I noticed the rider Johnny Fry, 1840-1863, wondering if he died on the trail? Also your historical videos are my favorite, especially about the west and the 1800's era.

  2. Paul Baker
    Paul Baker says:

    Thank you for another great Gonagain adventure. I appereciate your showing that CB&Q locomotive as my family of Nebraska railroaders worked for the CB&Q …Chicao Burlington and Quncy which later became Burlington Route which is now known as the Burlingon Nortern Santa Fe. Really enjoyed your engaging and informative St. Joseph video.

  3. Daisy Mae
    Daisy Mae says:

    I don't know yet which pie you got, but that Lemon Italian Cream sounded good.😋 Oops, that is cake. So I need to go to the other side: Strawberry Pie… yum

  4. Jim Worth
    Jim Worth says:

    If you guys head back West along 36, I recommend stopping in at Harold Warp's Pioneer Village in Minden Nebraska. If you love American history, you'll love it.

  5. Ralph P
    Ralph P says:

    Another great Video of some great American history! Thanks Rick & Linda ! Oh , that Ranger Ready spray you guys suggested awhile back works ! Yellow flies and deer flies are out big time this time in in north central Fl . I love collecting those copper pennies! Thanks for sharing!! 👍😁

  6. Soaring Bob
    Soaring Bob says:

    If you happen to be heading down to the Branson area, don't miss the Ralph Foster Museum at College of the Ozarks, another multi story museum with a large variety of surprises. It is located on the campus and staffed by students, as is the school's restaurant. Might as well sample the pie while there!

  7. Galard Mills
    Galard Mills says:

    What a tease! I can tell that those museums deserve a whole day each.
    I’m with Linda. Haupia was my favorite treat. Now I have to make do with coconut crème. Although coconut meringue looks mighty tempting too!

  8. Wanda Craig
    Wanda Craig says:

    Wonderful video. Truly fascinating! I love old trains. Got to ride the Cumbres Toltec train from Chama NM up into CO. I love trains! Loved the old museums, although I could pass on murder weapons and bones of the dead. Sorry but that creeps me out a bit.🙈 But I did like the old gun collection. I bet that shotgun pistol would about break your wrist when fired 😂. And the restaurant was lovely. Hard to find such a gem these days that serves home cooked meals. You both looked so relaxed and like you really had a good time! I'm glad for you both😊 And this was the first time I noticed Rick has a pierced ear. Good for you, so did my husband. I won't tell you about how many I have😂. Stay safe and keep having fun on the road you two❤

  9. Lynn Webb
    Lynn Webb says:

    OK, Now I have to add another place yo my must see destinations. Very cool video. Sounds like I should plan a couple days for old St. Joe. I've never actually been to St. Joseph, but have gone past taking a load from Kansas City to Mitchel, SD. Must now look for camping near by. Thanks so much for a great time.


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