Trudeau EMBARRASSES Himself At G7 Conference

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  1. Rennie Terbogt
    Rennie Terbogt says:

    Just for the record ever twenty years or so we blow up a lot of things just to do the rebuilding again. Oh yes new arms contracts. Geez you men and women so called leaders. you are leading the world to total destruction. FWL

  2. Alex Lupsor
    Alex Lupsor says:

    Good evening,
    I wish too challenge the reader to think about the past 2 yrs on how police enforcement changed from before and then after THE EMERGENCY ACT was enforced. If you are still wondering about what I’m trying to show you, review the recording of the CONVOY PROTEST. What I found disturbing was how the police forces were changing. The government was demanding the force to become more militant toward the convoy trucks, truckers, owner operators, and the citizens of Canada who supported the freedom from the mandates. I also became suspicious as the government in Ottawa was demanding disruptive measures towards the citizens who were supporting this protest.
    Even the Chief of Police of Ottawa WAS FORCED to step down because he was unwilling to use his position to stretch the laws. The chief who was willing to become more brutal became his replacement. Don’t forget the frozen bank accounts. The replacement of the retired police enforcers, started. The government plans to step on the citizens started to gain momentum. The three police forces, (RCMP, OPP, City Police force,) became more brutal in the enforcing of the convoy.
    To watch the this happen started the tightening of the gauntlet.
    The replacement of law enforcers , was given a multi “speed on-the-job “program to toughen the future replacements and weed out thous who didn’t make the grade.
    Now they have replaced the ones who wouldn’t support trudeau’s mandates in law enforcement. The rest is history. Most Canadians didn’t see it. The “THREE police forces “of Canada are now trudeau’s police force. No all but most.
    The church is open season for law enforcement. They arrest and detain pastors. Let’s not forget the trumped up charges that was used against our pastor ARTUR. He now is doing jail time along with his other false arrests and detainments a year earlier.
    Don’t forget the “church the chained and fenced in and closed ” in CALGARY, while liquor establishments , Walmart and other places of business stayed open during the big lie time. Is it any wonder why this kid is being herraset? Forgive my spelling. All I can say is watch out church because the empty camps up north won’t be empty much longer. Now he wants to show the WEF & WHO that his Government is ready to go forward with the “RESET BUTTON”plan. by making Russia its official target. What will he do next. Maybe Ukraine can be safe by collecting its ruler.
    Forever in His service

  3. DarkHorse
    DarkHorse says:

    Trudeau and others will regret all their gaslighting in the future as the truth about Ukraine, Zelensky and the AZOV battalion unfolds, history won't be kind to those who supported genocide that has been largely hidden since Russia went into Ukraine. It will be very interesting when Ukrainians don't want to return and those remaining in Ukraine, opinions of Zelensky are no longer suppressed.


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