Mr. Robot REACTION // Season 4 Episode 1 // 401 Unauthorized

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Tony and Claire react to and discuss Mr. Robot. ▻Mr. Robot REACTIONS Playlist: …

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  1. phasang
    phasang says:

    hi tony and claire. Am glad you're continuing with the show. Somehow this season gets even better, lets keep this going.

    Your love for Dom is precious and fun to watch. The realization on your face when you saw Sam was priceless.

  2. Darkwing Maniac
    Darkwing Maniac says:

    macaroni and gravy (from an american household perspective with Italian heritage) is a red tomato sauce you would have with meatballs/sausage and likewise the macaroni is usually a penne or rigatoni 😁

  3. Kevin Tipcorn
    Kevin Tipcorn says:

    Gravy in Dom's Mum's case means a tomato based sauce for the pasta. The gravy in Biscuits and Gravy is a sausage flavoured goop, sort of béchamel related. It sounded gross when I first read it on a menu, I imagined Rich Teas and Bisto, but its actually delicious.

  4. Alejandro Raffan
    Alejandro Raffan says:

    I remember that transition of him being on the train being so cool when I watched this episode the day after it came out because it's the first time I saw Elliot after 2 years of waiting for the new season

  5. Lorraine Casey
    Lorraine Casey says:

    Season 4 is on another level ☺️ Tod Campbell really knocks it out of the park with the cinematography in this one, and yes that was Sam Esmail. This season hits the ground running and doesn’t let up 😆😆😆

    MARTA CHAO says:

    You were right, it was Sam saying good bye friend…very appropriate. Also you missed his wife cameo Emmy rossum (shameless) singing like in the minute 25 of your video. 😊


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