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I am sharing with you how I make simple single serve freezer meals. I make these for my son on nights that I need a quick meal or when I make something that …

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  1. Leah Holmes
    Leah Holmes says:

    You are a great mother!! I struggled with many of the issues your son did but I was never pushed to branch outside of my “safe foods”. You found a great way to provide him nutritious meals

  2. Rosalyn Shew
    Rosalyn Shew says:

    Love this video. I’m going to be cooking for myself very soon. Money will be an issue. This is a great way to eliminate waste. I will be happier cooking once or twice a month, rather than every day.

  3. BijouLover8
    BijouLover8 says:

    You make me tired just watching you…….you are remarkable and I hope you are appreciated! DONT like the microwave….rather use oven. Wont use processed meatballs….God only knows what’s in them. Casseroles In Oven. Like you get from the store. Got to find those oven containers.??? God Bless you SUPER MOM

  4. PrincessKait1
    PrincessKait1 says:

    I scored a 50 container rubbermaid set for $10 at sam's club and was looking for different things to do for lunches. Typically I stick to rice bowls in my freezer meals, but figured there HAD to be other things I could make to mix it up, so thanks for this!

  5. E. Park
    E. Park says:

    You should make ratatouille and then blend the entire thing into a sauce! I do that for our “tomato sauce” alternative and it’s super flavorful! A great way to get a TON OF VEGGIES in your boy without him knowing! He’ll always be eating vegetables without forcing it!

  6. Sam A.
    Sam A. says:

    Thank you so so much for this video. I came here looking for ideas and I was not expecting feeling what I feel right now. I am a person with autism who struggles with eating a variety of foods and having a normal schedule that allows me to cook everyday. Your love for Andrew and how caring you are and how much you try for him to have enough variety and your praise for his improvements is one of the purest things I have ever seen. As for me, this video has enough variety without being overwhelming and I'm sure I'm going go try doing a lot of these things. Usually, videos with too many different ingredients and meals are too much for me and I get lost in the procress with so much stuff to take care of, but here you just showed us how to mix stuff and use them for different things and how you can take care of it at the same time. I know this comment sounds very dramatic but I enjoyed every single bit of this video and I'm gonna keep watching the rest of your stuff. And, one more thing: I loved when you showed us what you had to clean! That's something that's usually overlooked in a lot of videos but it's part of the cooking process. Again, thank you and I wish you and your family the best!

  7. Phyllis Bergenholtz
    Phyllis Bergenholtz says:

    I have two questions… could you just reheat the meals you microwave in the freezer container? Also, I didn't know you could freeze pasta. I was always told that it doesn't work…do you see any changes in the pasta from freezing it? BTW…I also have a nonverbal autistic son, but mine is 26.

  8. Nana Mar
    Nana Mar says:

    I love your videos…. its such a nice way to get meals organised. I just bought containers and will try it this way too. I got a ton of nice receps i will try.

  9. Michelle Knightley
    Michelle Knightley says:

    Excellent please keep doing these videos and also do you do. House keeping videos decluttering or cleaning routine you explain things easy

    I’m disabled and I struggle with few things I live independently though these videos really help me

    Thank you so much

  10. Xionnae
    Xionnae says:

    My son has autism. I am constantly looking for quick, easy and healthy meals to make him on days he won't eat what we eat! It's so tough to find and so easy to fall into making something less than healthy. So, I've been scouring the internet for homemade freezer meals for ONE that he'd like… FINALLY… I found your channel. While my son won't eat much of what your son will, it has given me some amazing ideas for him! THANK YOU!!

  11. fsoliz3296
    fsoliz3296 says:

    Wow! Thank you for making meal prep so much easier for me to understand. As you were prepping I was writing down specific likes for my family . I actually created 5 quick freezer meals for my son before he left back home to work. He lives 2 hours away & is a bachelor. Will certainly do more! Great job raising Andrew.

  12. Dyanna Winchester
    Dyanna Winchester says:

    Hi, I am so glad to have found you. My son has what used to be Asperger's syndrome, now they say is has high functioning autism. He actually got his own apartment a couple of years ago and it has been so good for him. He has a lot of help from various programs here. He is still only eating a hand full of different foods. I can't get him to even try something new. Anyway, I loved this video, it is going to be so helpful for me when I get my own apartment hopefully where he is at. I'm in a Nursing Home right now. Thank you.


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