Simple, Cheap, Tasty, Healthy: oil-free vegan weight loss recipes. Smoky Split Pea Soup!

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Diets suck because you’re either spending time (and money) shopping, prepping, cooking or otherwise thinking about food – or …

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  1. Suzannah Troy
    Suzannah Troy says:

    I love the warning about fest speedy talking hilarious thank you for making me smile! I would suggest in the title to remove the word "today" and find a way to put in oil free and if you have room vegan. Great Video I just make it on the stove I don't have one of those thingies

  2. Perpetually Annoyed
    Perpetually Annoyed says:

    Yes! I've been looking for a good simple split pea soup recipe. I don't have an InstaPot, though. How would this differ on the stove? I'm assuming it's the same, but am wondering if I should cover it and how long to cook it for?


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