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If you love lasagna, but don’t love the time it takes to do all that layering, then this amazing lasagna soup is for you! Unlike many …

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  1. Jennifer Mann-Hunter
    Jennifer Mann-Hunter says:

    Going to make a vegetarian version of this tonight with red lentils, grilled diced courgette and spinach. Can't get the curly-edged flat pasta here in the UK, so i will be using just flat sheets, but it should work the same. Can't wait!

  2. Michael Diogenes Best
    Michael Diogenes Best says:

    What a bunch of falderal!!!
    Just make your best killer lasagna and enjoy.
    THEN, take all the leftover lasagna, chop it up, and scrape it into a cookpot.
    Add some chicken broth, milk, cream, beer, wine, or whatever liquids you prefer.
    Simmer till it thickens; and perhaps serve w/antipasi salad and garlic bread.
    Nothing Better that's easier………….

  3. keeff
    keeff says:

    if you buy tomato paste in a small can,you can premeasure tablespoons of the paste place seperatley on a small cookie sheet lines with wax or parchment paper and freeze then put them in a zip lock bag in the freezer.

  4. brenda desselle
    brenda desselle says:

    Wow, I wish I had some right now! Looks superb and going to make. I love homemade soups and this one will become my favorite as it has everything I like. Some homemade garlic bread and a salad, a wonderful meal. Thank you for sharing this receipe. 👍

  5. Peter Greenwald
    Peter Greenwald says:

    This looks marvelous. Since I learned about the "Three ingredient" tomato sauce about 3-4 years ago, I have not purchased sauce in a jar or can with one exception. I always keep one of those tiny cans of sauce for when I just want to make a small pizza. It takes about an hour to make, and it lasts me a couple to three meals. My go to canned tomatoes are Red Gold, whole tomatoes, or Cento Certified San Marzano when I am feeling rich. They never disappoint. And both are available at Walmart.


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