Leftover Turkey Pot Pie WITH Cheesy Garlic Bread Topping!

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This is insane – it’s like Chicken Pot Pie PLUS Cheesy Garlic Bread. Leftover turkey is notoriously dry so smothering with a creamy …

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  1. blacklover1995
    blacklover1995 says:

    I followed the recipe and made some modifications due to the lack of turkey and mushrooms. I used potato instead and it taste so delicious. I just had to check on it often because there was no temperature stated. It super delicious and my family loved it

  2. Scott Rowe
    Scott Rowe says:

    Daaaaamn! That looks ridonkulously tasty. And I just happen to have a large storage container of post-Thanksgiving turkey breast meat, picked from the carcass, in my refrigerator. Score! Thank you, Nagi!

  3. Melissa Morello
    Melissa Morello says:

    as soon as I saw this I knew I would be making it. And I did! It was delicious! Only leftovers I have now are a little green bean casserole, sweet potatoes casserole, and cranberry sauce. I’ve shared this video with so many people. So simple and soooo delicious!


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