Jjapaguri with steak (aka "Ram-don" from the movie Parasite) 짜파구리


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These jjapaguri noodles were featured in the Korean movie “Parasite” as “ram-don,” a simple Korean instant noodle dish upgraded with high-quality beef!
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  1. Coni
    Coni says:

    I tried the new version they sell where everything comes in only one cup of noodles. I only found the spicy version and I was like ok how spicy could it be? … It made me cry. Can’t believe there’s also an “angry” version which is even more spicy than the one I tried 🥵

  2. Erik
    Erik says:

    Awesome , they sell these two exact types of noodles in the Asian grocery store close to where i work. I will definitely try this out .Looks simple enough even for a noob like me 🙂 Thanks Maangchi!

  3. JeongEun Kang
    JeongEun Kang says:

    영상 너무 잘 봤어요!!! 짜파게티 종류 끓을 때 오일 빼먹으면 큰일나죠 ㅎㅎㅎ 짜파구리 이후 온갖 까만 면과 매콤한 면 섞어 먹는 붐이 일어서,,,

  4. frere jacques
    frere jacques says:

    I watched FIVE videos and yours is the 1st to be clear and SHOW what packets from which to add, and when! The others didn't seem to mention what to do with the oil packet. You were CLEAR and precise! Well done.

  5. Asmar Majeeth
    Asmar Majeeth says:

    ARMYSSSS. I'll be honest. This was in my recommendations. And I knew immediately when I saw it. This had absolutely no business being in my recommendations unless and until u guys mass searched this after Ep151.😑. U guys absolutely got no chill.

  6. the proust effect
    the proust effect says:

    It's been years since I watched this movie, and I really want to make this dish. I would personally add the cooking liquid directly into the hot pan with the beef to scrape up all the bits, then add all that to the noodles, but I'm obsessive like that :p


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