How to Make “Espresso” Like an Italian With a Moka Pot | @AnnalisaJ

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Hot to clean it: **when using a NEW MOKA POT always make a couple of …

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  1. Gerron53
    Gerron53 says:

    Thank you, Annalisa! I`ve started to make coffe with moka very recently, and despite now I`m getting a good coffe, I wonder if it`s normal that always kind of 20 to 30% of water is left in the water tank after the process; so to get this good coffe I put 80 to 90% more water than the measure (for overal losses) I want to drink or serve.

  2. slimturnpike
    slimturnpike says:

    That was so sweet. Perfect instructions for moka pots. There are quite a few clowns on YouTube advising that you preheat the water (to save time? It's the same in the end!) or to add an Aeropress paper filter, which ruins the flavor by absorbing flavorful oils. You have it right, the real Italian way, thank you!

  3. Howard  the dot connector.
    Howard the dot connector. says:

    I don't know if blue mountain is still available. But back in the 80s I used a blend of BM and Italian roast.
    Once a week we'd get freshly roasted course ground.
    Its not easy to get fresh roasted coffee because it stinks a bit for the modern nose

  4. Earth
    Earth says:

    Thank you so much, also may i asked when we done for coffee, for the moka pot has to open or can leave it until its cool down, as i am afraid of too hot with the pot empty the pressure I aware, 🙏

  5. Ed
    Ed says:

    Annalisa, this is the best and clearest explanation I’ve ever encountered. Is that an espresso demitasse cup in the video, or a cappuccino size cup? Thank you, Ed

  6. Mariana Munoz
    Mariana Munoz says:

    Oh my gosh I am so glad I bumped into yup and your channel! I love you!
    Thank you for sharing.

    Could you please show us HOW to make an authentic latte and cappuccino at home without any machines other than the mocha pot.
    Thank you so much!

    & how to make Iced Coffee & Cold brew also.
    Thank you

  7. Danny Spencer
    Danny Spencer says:

    I just bought one and I am trying to get it right. I have never liked coffee, but I think part of it is as an American, I think our coffees are too much in quantity. A little espresso is just the right amount for me. I have noticed that all of the non-Italians suggested filling the reservoir with hot water, but none of the Italians do. It's funny that over a few times of making it, the ones I have made with hot water were SUPER bitter which is the opposite of the reason people were saying to heat it first.

  8. candewan
    candewan says:

    Thank Italy for teaching us how to drink good coffee 🙏🙏🙏😘
    I discovered and bought my first moka brewer in Sicily.
    then I learned to lubricate the gasket with a little liquid cooking oil which makes it easier to seal without much force.
    It also extends the life of the gasket I believe. Try it yourself so you can see 😊

  9. Guk
    Guk says:

    Hi Annalisa. I got to your Chanel through a post someone left at a coffee short. He said you are an expert so I looked for you. 😊😊
    Greetings from Madrid

  10. Wojtek's Harp
    Wojtek's Harp says:

    Ciao! Thank you very much for the video. I have a few questions In your opinion, what's the best moka pot size to brew a single espresso? And for a single cappuccino? Do I need to brew exactly the amount of coffee as intended for a given brewer size? Is it ok to brew different styles of coffee in a single moka pot?



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