Homemade Fast Food || Quick & Dirty Pressure Canning 101

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Meg’s in the kitchen today for a special video going over how she cans chicken for fast and shelf-stable meals. Ball Blue Book of …

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  1. Inge Noordam
    Inge Noordam says:

    sorry to say but we do everything canning without a presser canning and everything is always alright. We make sure that the water is minimum 100 degrees Celcius (=212 fahrenheit) for at least 2 1/2 our. But you have to know I love your channel, I am witth you from half way your travel G'D BLESS and greetings from Inge Noordam (the Netherlands/Europe)

  2. Drew Black
    Drew Black says:

    You forgot to mention how awesome this chicken will taste! There is no substitute for canned meat like this…and it’s birds you raised. So amazing! Good instructions. And yes. It takes a little doing. But it’s artisanal chicken in the end!!

  3. Serenity Homestead
    Serenity Homestead says:

    I was scared to start pressure canning until I saw this video. Thank you for explaining it so well. I am going to try it now. Would love to see videos of teaching how to pressure can other foods. The way you describe the process makes pressure canning seem way less intimidating. 😊

  4. Kenni Thompson
    Kenni Thompson says:

    Thank you for the canning video, Meg! I love to can up food to make quick meals. There is nothing like bringing a hot meal to the table in fifteen minutes that tastes like I was busy all day with it! Actually, I was splitting wood with dear husband all day. We live so far out that I cannot drive to town in fifteen minutes! I just love it when a plan comes together! You did a great job explaining the whats and whys of canning. Have a blessed day!

  5. Wasteland Acres
    Wasteland Acres says:

    Thanks for this!! Just did water bath canning this year for the first time. Made apple butter for that same Ball book!! It was amazing! Getting ready to harvest a few of our cattle for the first time too. So going to get a pressure canner & hopefully can a lot of hamburger to save on freezer space & have quick meals available! Might even try to figure out a Manwich dupe & have some of that precanned so we just need to reheat!

  6. lieuwina lee
    lieuwina lee says:

    Gosh Meg, I did not know that water canning was for acidic stuff and pressure canning for food? I am now going to ask a question, my mom in law only ever did water canning as far as I know and they used to do whole chickens and ducks and beef stew in mason jars and I am presuming they water canned it. I am talking about 1930's – 1940's! We lived in Africa then. So how did the oldies do it? Any comments.

  7. Donna Cochran
    Donna Cochran says:

    This seems like a good place to ask… what if your pressure canner doesn't have a gauge? How will you know it's at a safe pressure inside the canner. I'm so afraid I will make my family sick or have too much pressure and blow up the house. My Mom got blown back against a wall for not doing something correctly with a pressure canner. Thank you in advance for your help. Have a wonderful day.

  8. Donna Mays
    Donna Mays says:

    I’ve been canning for years…my gram taught me when I was so small I stood on a chair beside her to reach the counters. Your teaching style is excellent…Buggy’s gonna be your wing man very soon lol. Well done Meg! Blessings guys🙏❤️

  9. Scott Tracy
    Scott Tracy says:

    MEG!!!!! THANK YOU I've had a massive canner for 5 years always intimidated but I made way to much coconut curry chicken like always my big freezer went down so now I only have a tiny chest freezer I watched this video this morning tonight I CANNED!! ThNk you for your video again I'm so excited now you got me over that hump much love to you and your family they always say if I can only help one person well I am that person so excited to do more my husband is starting commercial bottom fishing I can't wait to find recipes yay!!!!


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