Grilled Filet Mignon & Gochujang Butter Recipe

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Grillmasters, this one’s for you! You already know how to grill a steak to perfection. But now the challenge is finding a new way to …

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  1. Michael Fox
    Michael Fox says:

    Never HEARD of it before. DIFFICULT pronunciation. Looks like “Got Chew Ang”

    As in, “I gotch you angry cuz we thought of this recipe first!”

    After watching this video, I think my saliva is flowing ten times more than the Got Chew Ang butter on top of those GORGEOUS steaks!

    Keep up the great videos, Michael.

  2. Quentin Raats
    Quentin Raats says:

    That looks so good ! Also, would you guys mind adding the ingredients measurement for non Americans in the descritption? I always try to replicate the dishes but have to always compare the measurements


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