Distracting Myself with Housework and Meal Planning… Poor Minion had his Surgery

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Let’s get this stuff done! I’m distracting myself because our dog had surgery and it makes me so sad. Poor Minion boy… he’s doing …

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  1. Lisa Quiñones
    Lisa Quiñones says:

    I cried with you! 😢 when we love our pets like family we can see how wonderful of a person they are and you are a good mommy. His eye was not ok and it needed to be done and it’s so sad, but I’m sure if you had another choose you would had done so. Give him lots of loves. Xoxo

  2. Kimberly Burk
    Kimberly Burk says:

    Minion is lucky to have such a caring family. Taking care of him is the most important right now, but you did a good job getting other things done too! Meal planning is a challenge for me (mostly because I don't really like to cook) Haha. I'd be interested to know more about how your diet is helping with some physical issues (like eye floaters.) I have those too.

  3. K C
    K C says:

    So glad to hear Minion is doing much better already. We're lucky to have modern medicine when in need. ~ It was kind of Dan to provide the background songs. We're ready for Christmas jingles if he is. 🎶 ~ There's fulfillment in waking up to an empty, clean kitchen sink where one can fit the coffee pot under the faucet while half asleep. When all else fails, there will be coffee.

  4. julie anne
    julie anne says:

    It's so sad about Minion, but hopefully, he will start feeling better and be happier soon, with no pain. He is still a cutie even with one less eye. You are so lucky to have him, animals love you unconditionally, and that's what makes them so special.

  5. Karen
    Karen says:

    You're beautiful Minion, and you'll feel so much in a little bit. Lindsay, we cry because we love our fur babies, and when they hurt, we hurt. I hope you were able to forget the housework and all of the less important stuff so you could give Minion all of your time and love.


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