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Burritos are a family favorite made even more delicious smothered in this rich flavorful sauce. These Plant Based Vegan Smothered Green Chili Burritos are …
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  1. Omar Garza
    Omar Garza says:

    Do you have any ideas on what to drink with your meals iam from the south so Sweet Tea is a everyday drink but i want to reduce my sugar intake , any tips on what to drink besides water ?

  2. SuzyQ
    SuzyQ says:

    I make tortillas by rolling out and grilling a hunk of homemade whole wheat bread dough. I grew up eating soft fluffy white flour tortillas and missed them so much–until I discovered soft fluffy bread dough tortillas. I'm going to try your burrito for my birthday next weekend. The sauce looks perfect! Woot!

  3. judy a
    judy a says:

    Jill, All of a sudden I am getting all these emails from you- I got about 5 of the same one today. I didn’t sign up for them,I’m pretty positive. Also, got some before this.When I go to “change settings “it has me put in my email and I made up a password. When I get in all I see is recipes and and about your membership.
    Could you please provide an email that I could get in contact with you to please discontinue all these emails.
    Thank you.

  4. Jill Ponce
    Jill Ponce says:

    This looks like another easy recipe to make with minimal effort. I wonder if I bake my potato first, if that will cut down on the time to finish cooking. I usually have baked potatoes in the fridge.


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