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Learn how to make the Ultimate Jerk Turkey in your oven, with a few simple steps by Chris De La Rosa of CaribbeanPot.com Using a relatively cheap turkey …

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  1. MeMonaLisa
    MeMonaLisa says:

    I made a jerk turkey 1 year by accident. I didn't want a traditional dry turkey. I watch lots of cooking shows. So I just started throwing seasoning on my bird. I added jerk seasoning, Cajun seasoning, garlic, lemon pepper, cayenne pepper, diced cilantro, puree bell pepper into non concentrated orange juice (The kind in the can). Pineapple juice (the kind in the can). Malt Liquor beer (Mickeys), and olive oil. I made it all like a paste. I rubbed my turkey down in it. I refrigerated it for about 2 hours. I injected the breasts with beer. Then I threw it in a baking bag with onion, celery, pineapples, and orange slices. It was amazing!!! I'm no chef so I thought it was something that I had invented (😂😂😂). When everyone started calling it a Jerk Turkey I decided to Google it, lbvs.

  2. tj karijo
    tj karijo says:

    yo chris, good morning here from ,Pa thanks giving eve. where r u from , ( jamaica , Guyana , Suriname or trinidad.) cuz you mention a dish u made from suriname. by the way the turkey look yumi !!!!!!!!!! keep up the good video,s

  3. duke of york
    duke of york says:

    even stock that says it's gluten free is not gluten free if it contains yeast. since the gluten is in the yeast, the manufacturer don't have to list it in the ingredients. …thereby hiding it while mislabeling their product.

  4. Sarah-Lee  Trotman
    Sarah-Lee Trotman says:

    Wow the nurse and I at dialysis was just talking about turkey and making a Jerk turkey. I let her see this video. We are both going to try this. Thanks for a great recipe. Because I have kidney failure I can't have hot stuff. Do I need the scotch bonnet peppers?

  5. Anita Cupid
    Anita Cupid says:

    Chris I'm vibesing it up in the kitchen right now. It smells so wicked in here. Thanks for all my Christmas recipes I'm making this jerk turkey well I completely cut it half. and I'm doing half without the scotch bonnet peppers and half in another pan your way . and I got my Christmas rice, and pepper pot too.

  6. pinksattin1
    pinksattin1 says:

    My daughter father who is Jamaica and Chinese made us jerk turkey as well. The only difference is he put the turkey in a cooking/baking bag. When I say the turkey was so juicy and VERY flavorful. It was the best and the gravy he made from, I could have put it in a cup and just drank it.

  7. MsTrini
    MsTrini says:

    Hi Chris. Turkey look good man😋. I'm like you, I'm not a fan of turkey (except turkey wings) but this I have to try…maybe not for Xmas but it will be a on my menu one day soon. Thank you for the time you're putting in with these recipes. I'm looking forward to the 4the & 5th recipe.😊👍


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