BBQ Pulled Pork Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 765

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  1. Sarah Geoffroy
    Sarah Geoffroy says:

    "I could take a bath in there". She speaks my lingo from my soul. LoL Love your recipes Laura! I've become a better and better cook from watching your videos. Thanks also for being yourself in front of the camera. You're just the most adorable, sweet and real chef.

    I'll be making this pulled pork for my birthday 🎉

  2. See Jay Be
    See Jay Be says:

    I'm cooking this tomorrow but only half the size. I've done all the prep and it's in the fridge for the night. Just wondered if I should still cook it for the same amount of time and on the same temperature or should I half the time?

  3. P.T.
    P.T. says:

    Hi Laura- I’m curious if you have a technique on how to clean your kitchen cabinet around your microwave? Mine is hard to clean because there’s oil on the lower part of it from i guess cooking..


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