7 Effective Ways to Save Money in Kitchen | How to Save Money in the Kitchen | Urban Rasoi

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  1. Akshatha Kamath
    Akshatha Kamath says:

    It's a great video just like your other videos. You have a lot of South Indian audience as well…so, please pronounce the word 'Dosa' correctly:) you are pronouncing it wrongly and u can just look up for its pronunciation.. my suggestion as a viewer:)

  2. Sunita Bajapally
    Sunita Bajapally says:

    itni sari malayi kese nikalti hai amul milk se 🙄
    mere ghar toh hum malayi khate b nai infact milk Chan k hi pite hai n tab b malayi nazar nahi ati 😀
    i would love to make homemade butter n ghee but no malayi no ghee 😭

  3. MAYA K
    MAYA K says:

    Dee0 fried snacks even homemade is very very unhealthy. Anyways, we need to stop this snacking culture if we want to be healthy. Our simple home cooked meals 3 time a day are the best to have & more than enough for our nutritional requirements.


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