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What’s for dinner? That’s a common question in my house! Hey there, my name is Jennifer. I am so thrilled you stopped by. I am a stay at home wife and mom to …
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  1. Susie Lowe
    Susie Lowe says:

    all looked incredible …my kind of cooking quick but not lacking in the tasty department hee hee … about 2 months ago i did a hard recipe n took me hours no joke n it turned out okay certainly didn't taste like anything special n i thought wow so wasn't worth all that time the night after i went on strike n just made cheesy beans on jacket potatoes n it hit the spot n i got more praise for that ha ha definitely got more mmmms …. so it just goes to show quick easy but tasty ….🧡💜

  2. Susan H
    Susan H says:

    Thanks for sharing that burrito in a bowl! I think I’m going to make that tmrw for my son & I! Only thing is, I will leave the tomatoes out & just use tomato sauce. Picky eaters here! 🥴 My daughter made a cheeseburger soup today & I told her it’s too warm for soup right now!! Can’t wait to try the pork chop recipe also!! YUM!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Cindy Kinney
    Cindy Kinney says:

    Hi, Sweet Pea. Wow, that salt grinder is amazing! Girl, those pork chops had me wanting a bite! I always love it when I get glimpses of baby bump Stevie Kate. I always love your recipes.

  4. junegirl45
    junegirl45 says:

    Hi Jennifer
    Everything looked so good. I think I will come for dinner. Just kidding if I did I would let you do the sitting and I would do the cooking. Thanks for sharing. Stay safe and well and I will catch you next time.

  5. V Broadwater
    V Broadwater says:

    Everything looks so delicious I really think I want to try that spaghetti bake. You know I'm going to try mall but spaghetti bake is first because I love me some spaghetti!!! How is my grandbaby LOL you know I love you and your boys too!💞💞💞

  6. Robin Weaver
    Robin Weaver says:

    Everything looked yummy! I have some pork chops in the freezer that I was trying to decide how to cook them so your video came at the perfect time! Thank you! Hope all is well!

  7. Marlene Knowles
    Marlene Knowles says:

    Jennifer after browning gr beef I add a bit of water to the mix, (pan) just let most of it steam off, leaving a much more soft beef! Or you can add the water right at the start of the browning process. Either way!


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