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My madness in the kitchen before Easter. I hope you enjoy! Cinnamon Rolls – https://youtu.be/ivbS3m9U8t4 Nozki – https://youtu.be/-2oIMTy_FUI Pascha …
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  1. ionaleah
    ionaleah says:

    i too make somtimes a big batch of food but i dont do all in one day' i do it one day at a time if i am making mince for that day make extra, then next day lamb make one batch for that day and keep the rest for another day that way i keep adding and make fresh monday tk friday so weekend there is some food to make it easy less work on the weekend hope lulu gets well soon happy easter to you and family : here jn new Zealand we are not ln lockdown

  2. Julia Zappone
    Julia Zappone says:

    I wish I was in your kitchen to help you. I can almost smell the bigos. You are a wonderful mom. I was up till all hours of the night making my Easter feast as well so you were not alone! As far as the kitchen being tidy, I told my husband that if the kitchen is tidy no cooking is happening! If its messy all kinds of yumminess is happening!! Beautiful cinnamon buns! Happy Easter! Thank you for helping your mom Isabella!

  3. Tressa's Southern Home Cooking
    Tressa's Southern Home Cooking says:

    Happy Easter Ania and family! I have not seen you in so long and you popped up on my screen and I was so excited. I use to watch every single video you made. Then you know we get side tracked and stuff. You taught me so much about baking in your cooking videos and you are just so pleasant to watch. You are a master in the kitchen too! God bless y'all! Sending best wishes from Louisiana————–Tressa Daigle

  4. bambong ibnu
    bambong ibnu says:

    B.e.S.T f'u"l'l D.a.T.i.n.G h.o.T G.i.r.L's —L—o—V—e—S—e—X—..❤️⤵️



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  5. Joanna W.
    Joanna W. says:

    Aniu, I hope Lilu gets better soon! She’s the sweetest.
    Enjoy your Easter and all the yum yums!
    I’m most looking forward to my mama’s sałatka jarzynowa and sernik na zimno!
    Wesołych Świąt to you and your family i smaczneko jajka!

  6. Patrice Lindsey
    Patrice Lindsey says:

    Happy Easter!!!🐇🐣✝️
    My son and are going to my sister and brother-in-law’s house for dinner. I made gluten free cherry kolackes and a gluten free orange bundt cake with an orange cream cheese icing for dessert.

    Don’t feel bad about having to shove the pill down Leeloo’s throat, I have to do the same thing with my dog Percy. I have tried EVERYTHING including the pill pocket products and he just spits them out. I hope Leeloo gets better soon!

  7. An Kra
    An Kra says:

    Co do psa to mialam przeboje z moim ,bo ponad cztery lata chorowal i latalam do veta nieraz co tydzien…..ale wlasnie przez kilka lat musialam mu podawac cztery tabletki na serce co 12 godzin…na poczatku byly przeboje,tez probowalam do jedzenia wkladac,ale wypluwal…od weta sposob mala strzykawka obcieta koncowka,tak zeby mozna jedzenie mokre wciagnac i wlozyc tabletke no i wstrzyknac z jedzeniem do mordy..u weta im to latwo szlo,ale mi w domu jakos nie…wkoncu po wielu googlowaniach znalazlam sposob…..lapie sie morde psa tak,zeby dlon zakrywala oczy a palcem wskazujacym i kciukiem otwieramy pysk i wtedy szybko wkladamy tabletke do gardla ..mozna przytrzymac kilka sekund pysk,zeby nie memlal jezykiem i nie wyplul tabletki…u mnie to sie sprawdzalo,ale moj pies to byl taki wiekszy york

  8. Jenny
    Jenny says:

    We went to church today to bless the Easter 🧺 and cleaned the whole house. Colored the eggs last night and bought some babkas. Anyone else feel like there’s something in the air making you sick?? Or is it just where we live in New England. Anyway, have a happy Easter!🐣🐰


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