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Come along with us on our quick 24-hour trip to Seattle to see our friends and family 🙂 – OPEN FOR MORE + THE RECIPES – ⋇ Check out our previous trips to …
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  1. Katie Mckenzie
    Katie Mckenzie says:

    Next time you come visit Seattle, you should go to Vegan Haven! It’s a vegan grocery store in the U District, and they have a list of all the vegan places in the city. Also, highly recommend Life of Mars in Capitol Hill for amazing food, drinks, and vibes… best vegan bar in Seattle, hands down!

  2. Rebecca Dominguiano
    Rebecca Dominguiano says:

    Oh my goodness!! I LOVED THIS EPISODE!! My oldest daughter and I are Vegan. She lives in Seattle and I live right across the water, so we are always on the hunt for Vegan places in Seattle. Wayward is the BEST!! I loved seeing you guys go to places we have been!! My husband is Filipino, so I absolutely know what a baon is!!!!

  3. Gomez Addams
    Gomez Addams says:

    When you went to Wayward it's so wild to see you walking past houses I've seen my whole life and then seeing giant buildings behind you that I haven't seen because I refused to go to my old neighborhoods they break my heart some of my favorite houses are torn down. I wish you would have talked about wayward a little bit more because it's a great place to support they have some foods on their menu. That support people who don't have any money to eat. I would have just liked to have heard about them I haven't been in there for years because I can't afford to go out. And I now live quite a ways away you were in all of my old stomping grounds and I don't recognize them anymore hardly except for the houses by wayward. Anyway take care and thanks! My family's been in Seattle since 1800 so it's just trippy to see everything so different. But now I know if I want to pay a lot of money for ice cream I can drive all the way to Capitol Hill instead of going to the grocery store LOL I can't believe this snotty neighborhood I live in doesn't have vegan food it's amazing. It's out of my budget right now anyway thanks for the fun videos. Like I said bean from here I just wish you would have focused a teeny bit more and where you were and what they're about

  4. David Mcgregor
    David Mcgregor says:

    Sweet and Simple Vegan videos are brilliant and I always enjoy viewing them. I don't have the budget to visit the United States but it's great that there's more vegan options and they are increasing. The options in the UK are increasing and I have a few vegan only restaurant's and cafe's in my area which is great.


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