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OLD SCHOOL CHEESE RAVIOLI LASAGNA This is an awesome way to make lasagna using cheese ravioli Very cheesy and …

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  1. Kristy
    Kristy says:

    Great idea! Must try! I wash all meat except ground meat. Now, you've got me thinking I should be washing it, too. The way you explained it makes perfect sense. I just hate to add to add this extra step, giving myself even more work to do.

  2. Ronald Beach
    Ronald Beach says:

    You nailed it I have never washed any meat in my life if you to wash your meat from where your shopping at then quit shopping there go somewhere that they are a clean place to eat do these people not understand that they Health inspectors police go there unannounced and inspect them at any time Geez!!

  3. Helene Njenga
    Helene Njenga says:

    I know it's late but Happy New Year Chef, I pray all is well. The way you get an easy spread with ricotta is to add 1 egg and milk or cream too it to loosen it up so it will spread nicely, it will also make your Lasagna tighter. Using the ravioli is a winner Chef I love it cheesy.

  4. Janet Belone
    Janet Belone says:

    Hey Chef Jeffery! The Cheese Ravioli Lasagna looks delicious. 😋 It came out good with those Raviolis Chef. 👍 I put 1 egg in my ricotta cheese. Thanks for sharing. 😊 I wash my meats,but not ground beef. Hot heat will kill germs on the ground beef just like the other meats. 😂 I always cook mine well done any way. Have a blessed day. 🙏 💘

  5. Teressa Cooks
    Teressa Cooks says:

    Some chicken/beef have a slimy "film" on it…most probably because it isn't the freshest. Certain neighborhoods get lower quality products and people who live in these "certain" neighborhoods may: 1. Not have transportation to travel to where meat is fresher. 2. May not have the funds to afford it (higher quality meat general cost more). So, what should they do? Take it back and demand a refund? No, because they have to feed their family. Request another package that's fresher? No, because it's ALL poor quality😞. So, they rinse as much of the slim off and hope for the best. Even if they move to a location with fresher offerings, the behavior is now ingrained. As far as ground meat goes, no slim in ground products because the process of "grinding" homogenizes it. Even if it did have slim, you can't wash it as it would all float away! 😝 Just my two cents as to why this phenomenon might be happening🙃

  6. Jimmy Brooks
    Jimmy Brooks says:

    Well, I know what is on the menu at home this week. This really looks amazing. I really enjoyed the video as always, and the fact that you take the time to list the ingredients in the description is greatly appreciated. Oh, and I never thought about washing ground meat even though I always wash cuts of meat. That never crossed my mind until now. Have a great one Chef Jeff

  7. ThePolishRedneck
    ThePolishRedneck says:

    I wash all poultry and fish,,, beef and pork I cook straight from the package,,, poultry I wash and "then" grind myself,,, poultry and fish are easier to spoil compared to beef or pork,,, my poultry, fish and pork are all cooked well done,, but my beef could be well done to even rare,, all depending on what I'm cooking,,, loose ground beef will be cooked well done,,, burgers medium rare and steaks medium rare to even rare (depending on the cut)
    Your ravioli lasagna looks GREAT,,, and just a FYI,, I use cottage cheese instead of ricotta as you,,,, 👍👍👍👍

  8. Theresa Satterwhite
    Theresa Satterwhite says:

    Hello chef Jeffery! Washing ground beef is something to think about. Thanks for sharing that though. My though is heat kills everything if you get it hot enough.
    Now! That dish is different. I need to try that receipt. Thanks for sharing. Cheers!!😊❤


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