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I love black beans and they are full of nutrition, anti-oxidants and general yumminess! You can make them so much more cheaply than you can buy them.
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  1. ScarletFBL
    ScarletFBL says:

    Adding salt to your beans while they cook doesn't make your beans tough. That's a myth. 🙂 If that were the case, you couldn't soften old beans by soaking them overnight with a pinch of baking soda. It's the same principle.

  2. Song Bird
    Song Bird says:

    I found you Today as I was looking for a vegan instant pot black bean soup recipe. I want to say congratulations on your weight-loss that’s incredible. I’ve subscribe to the channel and I look forward to more recipes from you. And I’m also going to look at some of your other recipes 😊

  3. John Texas
    John Texas says:

    Heather-I love my I-Pot beans, too! One technique that I use goes back to the old Crock Pot days. After I pressure cook beans in the I-Pot, or even if I slow cook them there, I'll scoop the beans out and put them in a bowl. I then use the saute function on high on the I-Pot to reduce and concentrate the flavors in the liquid. Sometimes I'll even mash a few of the beans on the side to make the broth more 'soupy'. Love your channel, and best wishes from Texas.

  4. Shelly Yale
    Shelly Yale says:

    just curious why you by passed the soup button and going straight to the manual button. Is the temperture different manual vs.soup buttons? I am new to the IPot and just trying to learn what I can, Videos like this one are a great help!


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