Unlock the Secret to Major Savings – 101 EASY Ways To Save On Groceries!

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Here are 101 Super EASY grocery savings ideas you can start using today and save money now! You’ll be amazed at how easy it …

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  2. Ms. D
    Ms. D says:

    Egg cartons are also excellent in a freezer to reduce electricity costs if you can't fill it. (Presuming you have the cardboard type of egg cartons up there).

  3. country gal
    country gal says:

    Tawra and Jill, have you made a soft serve "ice cream" from your frozen bananas? A person can only eat so much banana bread, but the ice cream is so good and uses up my frozen slices of bananas. Just put the frozen pieces in a food processor, puree, scraping down sides as needed. It is done when smooth and creamy. Add chocolate chips, syrups, etc if you desire.

  4. jody harry
    jody harry says:

    Love this! Would like to see a video on how to make a lunch for a bridal shower/event/party. Basically how to feed 20 people and make it look nice while not spending a lot.

  5. Carissa Mitchell
    Carissa Mitchell says:

    i feel horrible. I threw to the birds pork because i did not know what to do with it. Now I know lol! Would you consider grants/gifts for your audience who need those wonderful cookbooks 🤪🤗

  6. Sh
    Sh says:

    Another good investment if ypu shop like this is s generator and fuel on hand. Southern Indiana here lost power with the storms hopefully on tomorrow. Point is without my generator i would have easily lost 1000 to 1500 just with my deep freezer.

  7. C M
    C M says:

    I remember when I could get sirloin roasts/steak for like $2.99 a pound and sometimes cheaper. Now the best price I seen for roast was $3.99 a pound recently, and I don't think it will get any cheaper than that, so I picked up a few of them.

  8. Victoria Oliver
    Victoria Oliver says:

    Sooo many great tips!

    I cook my meat in bulk and freeze in meal size packets, but never thought of using the cheap non-freezer fold top bags (of course in a big freezer zip-top). I mean if the meat is frozen, it's not like it's gonna fall out of the fold top bag. Duh…why didn't I think of that?

  9. wanda peck
    wanda peck says:

    So you aren't being practical for diabetics. Full fat is good for you. And I have watched you for a long time and I use some of your tips unrelated to food. Have you read ingredients in food !! You are a warrior for Christ and I appreciate that!

  10. sheryl skord
    sheryl skord says:

    I refill used bottles in freezer to keep it filled and don't fill to the tip top because it will split the plastic if over filled. I then also have them ready to throw in a cooler to keep food cold on trips! Never need to spend money on trips, always pack sandwiches, boiled eggs, crackers, carrots, etc. Saves a TON of money and TIME on the road.

  11. Mel in AZ
    Mel in AZ says:

    Soaking and rinsing beans, even split peas, will reduce the amount of gas our tummies get from eating these musical fruits. LOL but seriously, soak and rinse beans at least six hours, rinse twice. when the beans are re-hydrated to their "fresh" stage they will cook so much better, if you have hard water, do add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda to the soaking water per pound. this will help them be soft beans and not hard or hard skinned beans. do not add onions or tomatoes (basically acidic property foods,) to the beans until they are tender and almost ready to serve.

  12. Mel in AZ
    Mel in AZ says:

    Buy Western produce and meats. Recommend this tactic due to the recent mega pollution disaster by the burning of toxic chemicals instead of pouring water on the tanker cars! Buy western fruits and vegetables and western milk and meat products from Texas mid west WESTWARD. Mike you might edit this, but for now I will comment that the recent train disaster pollution of air in East Palestine Ohio has contaminated huge swaths of land eastward and some swaths westward of East Palestine, esp the amish ground areas , the acidic rains and toxic chemicals in the river and land now have been shown to have harmed thousands upon thousands of beings, animals and humans. The food chain is damaged in the ohio river valley basin and the mississippi basins, and


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