Traditional Cowboy Beans

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Beans just the way the old cook made going down the trail.Printable recipe below! Stay in touch with more recipes and upcoming …

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  1. David Griffith
    David Griffith says:

    Probably weren’t using Anasazi beans as they weren’t “re-discovered” until the 1900’s. Apparently the 1950’s. It was some years until they had been propagated enough times to be commercially viable.

  2. Keith Sweat
    Keith Sweat says:

    Notice the great food, the Native culture, the patriots in the USO, the family and friendship, the heritage, the love for the USA…. Thats a "right wing terrorist gathering" Count me in!!!

  3. Cisco 808
    Cisco 808 says:

    Great video! Just the reason you should boil your beans seperately because they actually have posion/toxins in them ( Phytohaemaggluntinis). Boil and dump the water, soaking only softens the bean it wont get rid of toxins. Keep you from going to the hospital. Great video.


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