September Challenge Zero Carb Carnivore Braised Short Ribs

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  1. Kathy Solomon
    Kathy Solomon says:

    Those ribs look great! My husband wanted taco salad so I had taco meat, fried sardines and deviled egg and beef gelatin electrolyte. I want to go to the zoo soon. We have a giraffe with no spots at the zoo about 30 miles away. People have come from other countries to see it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Christiana Hillier
    Christiana Hillier says:

    Those flanken short ribs are so good Korean style. There are a hundred recipes online, but I marinate mine in avocado oil, soy sauce, swerve brown sugar, onion, garlic and rice wine vinegar and then grill them. They are so good!!!

  3. Dawn Autry
    Dawn Autry says:

    I wasn’t going to do this challenge but I had recently gained 3lbs back, so I thought what the heck I will give it a go. I originally was going to do two days a week but after the two days doing this I lost 4lbs! So I got super excited and decided to do it every other day. I then lost another pound on the third day of doing this. To be honest I am doing 5 carbs and under a day but wow I didn’t expect such good results so quickly. My weight loss may slow down some after another week but boy am I happy I tried this! Thank you Paula!

  4. Ron’s Keto Café
    Ron’s Keto Café says:

    Thanks so much for the update Paula. Had a rough week 9.1 inches of rain last Monday the rain destryed 40 cars mine was one of them. My wife spent three days in the hospital. She is home and fine. Good thing for insurence. Put the school on hold to the spring. I'm searching for a new car we are back on track. Thanks.

  5. Claudia Leger
    Claudia Leger says:

    I agree that September is on steroids. I weighed on Sunday; down 2.4 lbs but it’s been stressful; birthdays, wedding and girlfriend shopping trip. carbs is a hard sell but somehow I managed without too many sins. Snacks are a good idea to keep in my tote (like when I had Littles). Zero carb day was scrambled eggs with bacon. Not hungry today, tired and work was goofy-just cause Thanks for giving so many ideas and recipes. I Made braised oxtails – keto style- yesterday. I am looking for the strips at Sams this week; looks fantastic. Lots of water and 2 cups of coffee/day. I starting drinking a hot water with lemon as my afternoon ‘coffee’. It works. I may just arrange my meals like this forever. Thanks again.

  6. Steph
    Steph says:

    Which Egg White Bread Recipe did you use? You've got 2 on your Channel. One is called "Easy Homemade Keto Sandwich Bread / PSMF Bread – Sept 6, 2022) & the Second One is called " I Tried The Keto PMSF Bread Recipe How Did I Do??? Marie Emmerich & Indido Nili's Recipes". Also, I need to know what pan you use. When I make mine, it shrinks & looks not like a loaf.

  7. Kathe Akaija
    Kathe Akaija says:

    I know that u often use Carnivore Crisps. They're good. Ive been seeing ads for Carnivore Snax. All I can say is………OH MY GOODNESS! WOW! I know that both have there place. And yes, the "Snax" are pricey…..however, they were WELL worth it as far as Im concerned! I got the Ribeye, And, as per their package info, a pkg=1 meal……..
    Im telling u all – its YUMMY!😋🐮😂

  8. Cyn
    Cyn says:

    You go girl.!!🙂
    You're such an inspiration, started keto, 1month prior to your "carnivore diet" I've been following your challenge for Sept, I definitely feel such a positive difference..
    Thank you, YOU ROCK..🗓💚🙏🕊✌


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