Top Republican Stuns Entire Biden Family With Blockbuster Announcement – ‘Get Prepared’

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36 replies
  1. Robert Smith
    Robert Smith says:

    About time,thanks.have to have circus to let population know. Only 2 channel and 1 paper reports this and fox is now more then shaky.with the murdoch wimps and they're witches in charge. 😊

  2. Mikael
    Mikael says:

    I would not play nice with Biden. They are running Trump into the ground. If the gOP does not do the same thing the communists will stay in power. The gOP should take them out at the knees but they won't.

  3. Adeline Cilurso
    Adeline Cilurso says:

    Hurray hurray thank you Jesus Thank you JESUS you answered part of my prayer…. I will wait and pray my heart ❤out for YOU to HELP President Trump… he needs YOY LORD Blessed is the name of the LORD and as usual 😅I will Love You Till theEnd of Time ……

  4. Rick Bills
    Rick Bills says:

    Your probably have to Sopena all of them! They our evil! They lie on every word the day!(the bread of deceit is sweet to a man;but afterwards his mouth shall be filled with gravel. Proverbs 20. 17

  5. D H
    D H says:

    These subpoenas need to be for sworn testimony so that perjury indictments can be levied when the Bidens lie, which they certainly will. The truth and the Bidens are complete strangers.


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