TOP 5 Instant Pot Accessories to Buy and Avoid (out of 29!)

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You really don’t need a lot of Instant Pot accessories! I’ve got a list of TONS of accessories that you may need or not need, but …

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  1. linuxxxunil
    linuxxxunil says:

    Bless u. My daughter and I aren’t the best of friends but one of the precious things that bring us together is trying new things with the instant pot. Never knew we can make a potato salad or eggs. I’d get your book but she’s vegan and I don’t eat pork. 🙏🏾

  2. Millie H. - NYC
    Millie H. - NYC says:

    Lisa, my go to accessories have been the steamer baskets, silicon trivet woth handles & pot-in-pot pans. For weekend fun I also have silicon bite molds (with lids) & springform pan for cheesecake or any cake really. Let's not forget the ever popular meat masher ♡♡♡ Becwell.

  3. Judy Kski
    Judy Kski says:

    I bought the steamer basket you recommended last year and have used it SOOO much. Thanks for the recommendation. The dual set of steamer baskets from IP look like they'd really come in handy for dual cooking.

    I also purchased the actual Instant Pot silicone lid and it fits tight enough for NO spills. I'd trust it, even with soup in the container.

  4. blondie jam
    blondie jam says:

    I've brought the instant pot non stick ceramic pot love it does not stick like the stainless pot also got the plastic lid the instant pot silicone steamer with handles and a set of sealing rings i use all these products hear in the UK I don't cook eggs or rice in mine do my eggs in the airfryer and my rice in the microwave .Got my instant pot last week on amazon when it was on sale £54 bargain I love it use it most days

  5. Cape Fusion Kitchen
    Cape Fusion Kitchen says:

    Agree that you don't need many. I also use my silicon lid and second liner all the time. What I've learnt I need now is the steamer basket because I always make my own broth and draining it is a challenge. I got fooled by the egg trivet! Bought it and have not even used it once.

  6. Dawn Bowie
    Dawn Bowie says:

    Lisa, I use my Instapot at least once a day and I'd add your very sturdy silicone spatulas (some brands are flimsy) for mixing and scraping down the sides during cooking with the saute setting. Great video for new IP users – You rock, Woman! ❤


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