The Perfect Holiday Dinner (Homemade Peking Duck)

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A holiday dinner should be special. So let’s not make the same thing over and over and go a little more interesting… homemade …

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  1. Michał Michał
    Michał Michał says:

    My wife and I just returned from a restaurant who has been known for peking duck for 30 years. For unspecified reasons this dish fell out of the WTF menu ?! We've been talking about this duck for a week, how much we want to eat it and unfortunately a big disappointment that I have to fix myself and at the weekend I will give my wife a duck, which I will prepare myself according to your recipe. On Wednesday, farmers from nearby villages come to town with goods and I will buy a duck there. wish me luck! Josh, thanks for being my inspiration.

  2. Anh Le
    Anh Le says:

    Beautiful. I spent $300 on 4 Peking ducks this past Christmas 😌. Took the fam out to eat. Full bill was $650. Was worth it. Very expensive for me but worth it

  3. Battlefox64
    Battlefox64 says:

    Can't wait to try this with a Pintail sprig. Those ducks even wild have a lot of fat on them. I'm an avid outdoorsman and would love to try this with a natural bird. It's like bison vs cow.

  4. Jonny Gilbey
    Jonny Gilbey says:

    Yo yo yo, so papi – i'm NEEEEEDING a 'but betteeeeeeeeer' on spinach and Pine Nut Pesto Pasta the TOP TIER meal deal from Tesco, M and S or whoever it may be. Because I need it.. ima post this under your past ten videos (7/10)

  5. ut4berlin
    ut4berlin says:

    Hi Joshua! I like your videos a lot and tried to cook several dishes after watching myself. One thing caught my attention, you use tin foil and plastic wrappers a lot. Maybe, on account of sustainability you could consider using zip-bags, tupper ware or something re-usable in the future? I’m pretty sure, those eco-friendly material are still okay for resting dough and such.
    Also: I didn’t have plums available (it’s winter in Germany) and used pomegranate as fruity base for your sauce. Turned out very nice.
    Happy new year!

  6. Wei J
    Wei J says:

    I'm from Beijing, the Peking Duck is definately not something you want to cook at home, so I'm so impressed by Joshua. Although this recepe is not the most authentic, but I'm glad Joshua can introduce this dish of my hometown food to the west.

  7. Huiran Song
    Huiran Song says:

    The duck is whatever but the wrap is actually supposed to be vastly different from a tortilla. A tortilla to the duck wrap is like a pita or naan to a tortilla. The wrap should be more like a spring roll wrap (rice paper) but with wheat flour, and it should be so thin that's almost transparent. The sauce is also not supposed to have plum. Plum sauce is a southern sauce and traditionally consumed with goose (like sometimes with dim sum). The duck sauce should be a soy bean based fermented paste (aka miso's dark-skinned cousin).

  8. B-Nana-Aunt
    B-Nana-Aunt says:

    Looks delicious! I’m off turkey in 2022 after being served raw (ew ew ew ew) meat at our Christmas dinner. I plan to make duck for the next holiday season (offending family member banned from kitchen) and this will help!

  9. Me Meow
    Me Meow says:

    Typically the pancakes are steamed for the Peking duck and is a lot thinner, but the pan fried pancake might be extra tasty with the toasted side and easier for people to do at home if they don't have a steamer. As long as it's tasty, it's okay that it isn't traditional


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