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1159 — THE KETO RESULTS ARE IN WHICH ONE IS BEST plus A TALK WITH THERESA #lowcarb,#keto,#weightloss, …

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  1. CW
    CW says:

    That was just lovely. How nice to meet Theresa! This was a great video! Thank you all for sharing. I hope Theresa continues to have a wonderful vacation!

  2. Fat2Keto
    Fat2Keto says:

    this was so me I wished anything I didnt go off keto for almost 3 months and put on the 48 lbs because now I have to get back to where i was stuck last yesr at 180 then try to get down from there I call the 157 to 180 gain the covied pounds that dont want to leave

  3. Sheri Morgan
    Sheri Morgan says:

    Nicole Burgess is CRUSHING her GOALS!!! Your interview with Theresa was wonderful… however I just have to chime in about the ladies that have decided to live a lifestyle that is more active and after she has been dragged along with a couple of other athletes… these babes are up at 3:30 am to make it work with little children.. as a mom of 4 and a professional dancer … I am using this diet as a tool for my major health problems… love y’all to pieces just saying … she has No Excuses & Is SUCCESSFUL at what she’s trying to accomplish. Hopefully this comes across with Good Intentions. Love&light from California ❤❤

  4. Gladys O'Brien
    Gladys O'Brien says:

    How lovely, a fan from Michigan! 🇺🇸Wendy, I bet you have fans from all over the world!🌎
    It was fun listening to you over coffee and tea! ☕🫖
    Have a fantastic day! 🎈🎈🎈

  5. Peggy Phelps
    Peggy Phelps says:

    Happy Birthday Wendy 🎉. Question. My yogurt turned out looking like cottage cheese and tasting kind of sour. I don’t know what I did wrong??? If you can help I’d appreciate it.

  6. Michelle Baker
    Michelle Baker says:

    Carb Cycling.
    Really, what does that even mean? Once per month I eat sweet potato. Why? Because it keeps me from going off the rails. So guess what? That is how I carb cycle. Sadly many people don’t make a healthy plan to increase whole food higher carb vegetables for a meal or two only. My heart breaks for those who became deceived by undefined buzz words and implemented carbs incorrectly 😢
    Loved this interview 💖

  7. Synergyb3
    Synergyb3 says:

    Wonderful interview with Theresa!
    I thought your yogurt results would help me decide if I should get a sous vide or an instant pot but I seem to want both now! Lol I think there is an instant pot with a sous vide option so I guess I should research that.

  8. Cyndi Manka
    Cyndi Manka says:

    I tried to make cream cheese with yogurt. I did what a gal on YouTube did but it failed. It never did get thick enough. But it was great for sour cream type applications. I just get fage and add a few tablespoons of KC!

  9. N Robin
    N Robin says:

    I make yogurt with my IP. Then I strain out the whey to reduce the carbs. It gets so thick. I’m making some today. I use the IP because that is what I have.


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