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  1. Mary G
    Mary G says:

    I love all of you! Please keep the content coming. All the of you are so inspiring, especially to those of us who have no one in family or friends who eat this way. ❤

  2. Lisa Eve
    Lisa Eve says:

    AJ! I can eat potatoes now! I must have healed since changing the oil and salt ( was already doing vegan while food)I must be healing my autoimmune from SOS….I am soo excited I needed to tell you. I feel soo happy because now I can eat like you! I don't know how long it's been but…I haven't been able to eat night shades or other foods off the AIP list…but I tried it yesterday and today… and I feel fine. I can not believe it.

  3. Dawn G
    Dawn G says:

    😢 The link to Well Your World Store is not working. Getting an error message “page not found”. Tried via Safari and Google Chrome. The other links are also not working. Same error message.


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