The Day Before Thanksgiving Shopping at Costco | Cookbook Library Update | What's Up Wednesday!


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It is the day before Thanksgiving! We are headed out for some shopping at Costco for groceries for Thanksgiving dinner! Join us as we explore Costco for some …
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  1. slpardee10
    slpardee10 says:

    Amy, I just saw your Hobart HL6 mixer review from a few years ago and was fascinated. I checked out Ebay and you can still get it, but for $620.
    But I also saw your attachments for sale individually for between $15 and $40. Plus there is a flat beater and a pastry knife! I put all the links in the comments on that original video for you.

  2. Mark Silver
    Mark Silver says:

    My two-headed turkey will be done by 2 at the latest. The reason I refer to it as a two-headed turkey is because it was packaged with two necks so it's only logical to assume that if it had two necks it had two heads

  3. Cooking With Cash
    Cooking With Cash says:

    Yay! What’s up cooks it’s Wednesday!! I am excited for the live! That’s a lot of cookbooks. That’s all I got to say lol! I think chicken is better that turkey (lock me up) you are ONE THOUSAND LEFT to 250k subscribers!


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