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It’s time to plug in them welders I bought over the winter and get use to them before any major projects! Oh and DIY ‘EGGROLLS in an INSTANT POT! (Pressure …
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  1. Cathy Steenson
    Cathy Steenson says:

    Another option if a person is avoiding soy would be coconut liquid aminos. I found it when I did the Whole 30 diet last year. Kind of a teriyaki type flavor. I really like it. Jesse, that’s a fine looking square. You should make Candy a shovel bird or something whimsical for the garden. Or a framework for a bird feeder pole, etc.

  2. R G
    R G says:

    If you do a little research you will find your more expensive helmets have more sensors. If you were tig welding at low amperage your cheaper helmets the auto lens will not darken when you strike a arc. As long as you stick or mig weld the cheaper helmets work fine.

  3. Joyce B
    Joyce B says:

    Everytime I play catchup on you…so much changed with the shop. Welding skills are just priceless on a homestead…the fun factor is a bonus😁
    Candy..that eggroll in a bowl looks yummy. Just had it last week. Made mine with ground sausage and that bagged broccoli slaw. So good! For crunch I threw in a few roasted cashews. It's a very user friendly recipe! Thanks for sharing yours!😍

  4. Life of Curtis
    Life of Curtis says:

    some little inverter stick machines do not like to run 6010. Unless it has a designated 6010 mode. But yea man if you ever needed to weld your welder to your welder with another welder and still have a few spare welders you can do that. The cheaper helmets work well, That's all I used for years. I have a miller helmet to and it just hangs on my garage and collects dust. I use the cheap $12 flip fronts with a good auto darkening lens. Heck yea man that is a beautiful square! If you hang it sideways it can double as a diamond. Which is awesome.


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