Summer vegetable stew | steamed rice | lavender flowers


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  1. Christopher Gibbons
    Christopher Gibbons says:

    Organic vegetables do use insecticide. They just use organic insecticide. Same goes for fertilizer.

    If your organic vegetables are excessively dirty or full of holes, that is not just the way organic vegetables are. It is inferior crops being sold at a premium because it feels "artisanal".

    You really have to be a suspicious bastard at farmers markets. They are packed with technically not fraudulent scams.

  2. Garrett Patterson
    Garrett Patterson says:

    thanks adam, love to cool recipes like this with vegetables. It's easy to make meat and carbs taste good but making great vegetables is the mark of a really great home cook, in my opinion at least

  3. Dekoth-OGN
    Dekoth-OGN says:

    Ok so a little word about one of your sponsors Misen.

    On a bit of a whim I decided to spring for this deal as I had been honestly looking for another pan and I've managed to miss every decent All-Clad sale on their D3/D5 pans for over a year. Now I currently own a 12" All clad D5 and love it. Given it was so cheap, I went ahead and purchased not only the 10" misen but the 12 as well because if it was half as good as you said, you can't have too many 10-12" stainless imo. So first they got the pans to me in 4 days instead of the predicted 8-10. Needless to say I was very pleased with that. Quality is, I cannot honestly tell the different other than cosmetic between my D5 and the misen. It feels the same weight, the overall profile is the same and even the finish texture feels the same. What I mean by that is it feels like a far more expensive high quality pan and doesn't at all feel cheap. Cooking wise I absolutely cannot tell the difference between it and my D5. Temperature response appears nearly identical and there are no obvious hot spots due to uneven heating. I have to admit that is absolutely exceeded all my expectations. I hope they continue to sponsor you as that is honestly an incredibly high quality product for the price. The only disappointment was the lack of quality stainless lids, even as a separate purchase. Lucky my All clad lids fit perfectly.

    I will admit one other guilty like..As much as I love my all clad, I have always hated the handle. Sure it doesn't matter when using a towel, but I'm not always doing that. The misen handle is an absolute joy to hold. I will certainly be purchasing more of their stuff in the future.

  4. amehrer1
    amehrer1 says:

    About those carrots: a fun Japanese cutting technique you can use if you want fairly consistent size pieces (with a fun texture) is the rangiri cut. You kinda cut sort of triangular segments adjusting the length of the cut as the diameter gets wider and you end up with pretty similar sized chunks mostly. I recommend checking it out!


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