Southwestern Chicken soup from your Prepper Pantry ~ Emergency Meal Recipe

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Southwestern Chicken soup from your Prepper Pantry ~ Emergency Meal Recipe #SouthwesterChickenSoup #BudgetFriendly …

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  1. Sabrina Massie
    Sabrina Massie says:

    Thank You! I followed lots of "preppers" and have a good stockpile BUT – I'm looking for more inspiration in how to COOK those preps into a variety of meals. I wish more youtubers would !!

  2. GiGi S
    GiGi S says:

    Yumm- sounds delish- Jinne tell me please if you can't find the SW chicken seasoning packet- what are the main spices in the mix to add separately? Most "seasonings" equal "salt" so we opt not to use those mixes. Have you ever tried Lawry's SW sweet & spicy spice? very very yummy- BJ carries it 11 oz for around $6.49 buy is seasonal for grilling and is salt free.

    Great recipe- please keep them coming- more videos LOVE LOVE LOVE your channel.

  3. vickie Y
    vickie Y says:

    I am a home canner as well. I absolutely love opening some jars that I have canned as well as some dehydrated veggies and whatever spices I feel like and have a wonderful meal ready in no time.
    I am really enjoying these videos showing how you use your pantry items. Thank you

  4. Marcy Moran
    Marcy Moran says:

    That looks awesome. Tonight we are having leftover tacos, fajitas and a tiny bit of beef stew. We have a Hispanic family downstairs that we helped with prepping for a Hurricane & the husband works for a Greek Restaurant distribution company; he brought us a 3 qt can of Mediterranean olive oil, a
    tray of assorted baklava and gyro meat with pita breads. It’s great when neighbors help each other. Thanks for sharing yet another great recipe as I love your “how to” videos .

  5. Christopher Vogt
    Christopher Vogt says:

    Hi Jinne! I'm making your Spiced Apple Pie Moonshine this evening. Waiting for the apple juice, cider & brown sugar to cool now. I'm in NJ so I'll be adding Everclear! 🙂 I'm going to have some very "merry" friends this year for Christmas! 🤣 The soup looks wonderful too! Thank you! ~ Chris


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