Say Goodbye To Boring Meal Prep And Make This Instead l Gochujang Beef Bulgogi Meal Prep

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  1. @deborahpasha9727
    @deborahpasha9727 says:

    Yay! Another meal prep! I am getting ready to make several different types of meal preps because spring is here and off to the garden I go. This is the time of year I either start to prep or grill. I would like you and Clair to know that I have started to add Gochujang to my chili con carne and my BBQ sauce. As Clair would say "So good!"😁

  2. @andream4281
    @andream4281 says:

    Even if you don't want to make the recipes these videos are refreshing to watch. Aaron and Claire are so fun and have a positive attitude… something we really need to fill our day with.

  3. @Voidrix00
    @Voidrix00 says:

    So glad you've done a recipe book. Is a shame that it is currently double the price in the UK compared to the US (£29.68 vs. £14.45), so will have to wait till they're a bit more comparable!

  4. @Ar7ific1al
    @Ar7ific1al says:

    I appreciate very much how Aaron always goes out of his way to tell us that it's okay if we don't have the exact ingredients he has. A lot of YouTube cooking channels just kinda tell you "You HAVE to use THIS and ONLY THIS or it's WRONG." Maybe not directly, but the way they act is like that. But Aaron, nah, he's like "Don't have this? Don't worry about it! Use what you have, it will be awesome!" Idk, I just like that he says this.

  5. @acaciomadeira5147
    @acaciomadeira5147 says:

    Why would she whant to loose weight she wants to look like she has malnutrition shes already skinny, i tbink she should go see a
    Sychiatrist than think she nedds to loose weight shes wat hing to many corporate commercials she easily influemced

  6. @trinitywright7122
    @trinitywright7122 says:

    Sorry Claire
    If you're gaining weight, you can't blame your husband. Everything he makes is very healthy.

    Here's what I'm going to tell you. If You eat too much , you'll gain weight.

    End of story.

  7. @bill4913
    @bill4913 says:

    Thanks Aaron for this recipe. I just ordered another cookbook because my nephew wanted the one I had. Also please tell Clare that she looks great.. I cannot see any fat on her at all. Thanks again.

  8. @bonniepwtf
    @bonniepwtf says:

    What's this, Claire wants to lose weight? Claire, you are so slim & trim, I can't imagine where you want to lose it from. Maybe your feet, we've never seen them😂. Those meals looked great & only 630 calories! Have a great weekend guys ❤


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