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Hey yall. We are trying our best over here to be diligent in our consumption of items in our pantry and not doing overly a lot of …

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  1. Debra Snyder
    Debra Snyder says:

    I've had that chest tightness. Wheezing. Dr. Put me on Prednisone. I still get real tired easily. Having eye issues from high blood sugars from Prednisone. Getting older is no fun.😏. Not getting older isn't an option. Hope you're well soon

  2. Ms TJE
    Ms TJE says:

    I need to prepare better for my no spend months. I was eating from my fridge and pantry and began not feeling my best. I didn't have enough healthy options. I will plan better next time.

  3. Crystal Edwards
    Crystal Edwards says:

    I am subscribed to your you tube video's and love each and everyone, you have been an inspiration to my life. Could you please let me know the title of the book I can't find it on amazon I would love to get the book! God bless you and your family!


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