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Meet Paul Eng. He’s the owner of Fong On, New York City’s oldest family-run tofu shop. Initially he spent years abroad exploring …

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  1. naras
    naras says:

    Y'all HAVE to try freshly made tofu and soy milk (especially the hot ones). It does not taste the same as store bought, commercially, mass made ones at all.

  2. 여명
    여명 says:

    두부는 훌륭한 음식이지. 쟤네들한테 한국 콩국수나 초당순두부, 순두부짬뽕같은 다양한 바리에이션의 음식 맛보여주고 싶다

  3. Juliana Brown
    Juliana Brown says:

    stopped by yesterday not knowing this video had gone up and I was so happy! – they were much more busy and sold out of more than usual so I think this video reached many new people and touched many hearts.

  4. wthwoo
    wthwoo says:

    Paul mentioned about being not lucky in making money nor talented in making music……BUT he is very lucky to have such a wonderful family business tat he fell passionate later in life …. lurvvve this story


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