Ninja Foodi Smart Lid – Steam Crisp Focaccia – Rosemary & Thyme – So Good!

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First time I made this -it was a wow factor! It really was couldn’t believe a small kitchen appliance could make such a wonderful …

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  1. Stephanie's Kitchen
    Stephanie's Kitchen says:

    Wow Lisa, you just taught me something. I didn't know what 00 flour was, just googled, and found it is fine flour. I've had Focaccia before and it is delicious. You did a great job. Boy, these Ninja's can almost make anything if really think about it.

  2. john davis
    john davis says:

    Fabulous. One of the better made focaccias I've seen. It was baked very well. I could just sit there picking away at it and dipping chunks into olive oil.
    To bad the bottom of the baking pan doesn't have holes in it like some pizza pans do. It would solve the doughy base issue.
    Very nice, Lisa.
    Keep them coming 👍🤤😀


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