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  1. Mel Nissen
    Mel Nissen says:

    So glad that I can watch cleaning videos again! Had eye surgery on June 1st and couldn't bend over or clean anything for 2 weeks. Now I'm catching up on all my videos. It was very depressing since cleaning is my therapy as well. My husband tried to help me as much as possible but you know how it is no one can clean like us mommy's. Love you! Great video

  2. Mom to Moms
    Mom to Moms says:

    Hello sweet friend! I always get wet when I do dishes too. Lol
    Good for you for being more relaxed about tidy spaces, it is a healthy to find a comfortable balance.
    I was just telling Robin that It’s time for me to get a new robot vac. Thanks for showing this one. ❤️

  3. Brooke Mason
    Brooke Mason says:

    Hi Jenny! Love your new sofas! They are beautiful. I watched a video the other day (I don’t remember which one) where you ask about our favorite cleaners! Well I was cleaning my porcelain sink and I thought about that. My grandmother always used two products comet and Murphy oil soap. I dk if you’ve heard of them but I find myself using them often. Murphy oil soap is my favorite. It makes my floors beautiful. 💕

  4. Bridget Rimmer
    Bridget Rimmer says:

    When you mentioned your toilet stains I wondered if you have “ hard” water ( high levels of limescale), maybe in the US it’s referred to as something else . Here in the UK I buy toilet products that you can squirt around the rim and bowl of the toilet that you leave for a while before flushing and it will get rid of the limescale build up xx

  5. Bridget Rimmer
    Bridget Rimmer says:

    Hey Jenny ! I live in the UK 🇬🇧, I’m currently on holiday with my husband and our 2 dogs xx I’m watching early morning as I tend to be an early riser. Everyone is still snoozing 😴😊 xx

  6. Dala Taylor
    Dala Taylor says:

    Hey Jenny, I really enjoyed your video, got so much motivation from your video. I wonder if using pumps stone would take this ring around my sink drain, before I use it in the toilet of course. We recently replace our bronze corroded sinks and it left ring around the drain. I almost bet it would work

  7. Darlene Bergantzel
    Darlene Bergantzel says:

    Seeing all the toys in the tub made me smile. I remember this when my kids were little. We installed a mesh sling across a corner of the tub where the toys were stored between baths. Picking up and putting away their bathtub toys was how they helped me clean the bathroom.

  8. Laura Pearson
    Laura Pearson says:

    I love love your furniture. I’m excited for your DIY. I would have just added an afghan or throw and or pillows to break up the color of love seat a bit. But you will have a better idea and am looking forward to it.

  9. Laura B
    Laura B says:

    Beautiful sofa's, can you treat them with Scotch Guard? I have to purchase a new one for the family room and love the light neutrals but a little hesitant in buying a light color, of course I have a furniture attachment on my rug shampooer but don't want to be doing that too much to the fabric. Thanks for another great video Jenny!

  10. cajunlady65
    cajunlady65 says:

    Hey Jenny…Love your new sofa and loveseat and also the color. U mentioned how you think your loveseat blends with your wall. Just throw a throw blanket to offset the color. I’m sure it will look nice.

  11. Mary Doyle
    Mary Doyle says:

    Aww hello my friend ☺️ loved the new sofas, well worth the wait ♥️ and ofcoarse can't wait for another diy video 😊. Thank you for being you & as always a great influence in my life xx take care 🙏 ♥️ xx
    The pumice stone looked a great idea maybe something I should look into instead of different chemical cleaners xx

  12. Ann Latham
    Ann Latham says:

    Omg I love the couch! Yay I’m so glad it finally came Jenny! 🙌🏼 My mom always told me to use scotch guard on new helps! I think I want a new couch now 😍

  13. Renee M
    Renee M says:

    Hi Jenny! I just spent the morning doing bills,banking and paperwork I badly needed to catch up on! Came to den to do a quick touch up and turned you on! Sat for a few to enjoy! I’ll definitely be watching your video again tomorrow! Planning on a cleaning day so need to bring you along!!

  14. Gail Macfadden
    Gail Macfadden says:

    Hi Jenny, your new sofas are perfect! I love starting with a neutral slate and then adding pops of color. And your new robot vac seems to do very well! So satisfying to see what it's collected!
    You've motivated me to thoroughly clean the kitchen… as soon as I finish handmaking Father's Day cards for the men of my church, that is! Hope you and your family have a wonderful week enjoying your new sofas and clean and calm spaces! God's blessings on you all.

  15. Judy T
    Judy T says:

    Hi Jenny, always love your videos (on both your channels). Like most homes there's always something to clean, but for me (because we like on a hay farm and there's hay farms all around us) the dust is a constant. I'm curious to know, when you're not making cleaning videos 🤔 what kind of things are you doing?


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