My Realistic Wellness Routine VLOG (Natural Ozempic? what I eat, vegan skincare, supplements)

My Realistic Wellness Routine VLOG (Natural Ozempic? what I eat, vegan skincare, supplements)

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  1. Cheap Lazy Vegan
    Cheap Lazy Vegan says:

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  2. Denise Fe
    Denise Fe says:

    That soba bowl has actually become a „cheap lazy and healthy“ staple of mine since you did a similar version back in your quarantine recipes video (with gochujang sauce). I love soba way to much but they are so expensive over here..

  3. Babygirl Davis
    Babygirl Davis says:

    I'm a diabetic 292 it's hard I miss. Being a vegetarian but my doctor said it's not good for my diabetes I really don't want to eat meat I got so sad I seen a baby hen for sale I was poor baby hens why wish my would understand me when I was a vegetarian I lose 25 pounds in 3 weeks I really hate the taste of meat

  4. Madame Hogan
    Madame Hogan says:

    Can I ask what kind of wok you use? I very much need a new one! Can you recommend a certain one/kind? Also, LOVE the sweet chili sauce, on almost everything… roasted cauliflower the most! Merci~

  5. Horny Koala
    Horny Koala says:

    I don’t understand how the oat/chia water would be any different to cooking some nicely seasoned oats and chia seeds and drinking plain water. I mean, it’s not as if your body would be able to tell the difference.

  6. Zepzour
    Zepzour says:

    I like having a standing desk, best decision I ever made. It's like automatic too so when I get tired I can just hit a button and it lowers to sitting level. It gets me moving so much more as I'm studying all day

  7. Zepzour
    Zepzour says:

    i think I heard you aren't supposed to cook chia seeds cause it kills the omega 3-s? idk could be wrong, regardless they still are prolly healthy either way id guess

  8. Daniel Eastman
    Daniel Eastman says:

    That Umami sauce might be somewhat similar to what we have in NW USA. Cafe Yum sauce. It’s heavy on nutritional yeast. We get the bottles of their sauce and make our own bowls. I really think I’ll be trying it with soba noodles and some lettuce I grew for lunch today. I made a homemade Yum sauce before and it didn’t keep very long at all compared to the purchased stuff lasting months.

  9. ProcrastinatorsAnon
    ProcrastinatorsAnon says:

    We always have our dishes done before going to bed (Viet household of all adults), but I never understand when professional organizers say "doing dishes doesn't take as long as you think." Maybe I'm just really slow moving or maybe it's something about Asians, but we have so many dishes… And my parents use the dishwasher as another cabinet…


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