My Mother In Law Asked for This Video – Beef Tomato Stir Fry!

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I am SO thrilled to share another treasured family recipe. This one is from my husband’s family. A classic Cantonese dish, …

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  1. Adventure Awaits
    Adventure Awaits says:

    made this tonight, turned out great! Everybody loved it, made enough to have it for dinner again tomorrow, this recipe is a keeper. As is the salty caramel chicken from recently. Tasty tasty!

  2. Stan Gee
    Stan Gee says:

    A great variation of this recipe…. add a tablespoon (or more to taste) of Madras curry with the aromatics. Great combo. Thanks for the video Pailin!

  3. Squish
    Squish says:

    Loved this. I'm used to seeing the cornstarch go in to marinating the beef, or in other words, velveting the beef to provide a protective coating to prevent overcooking and resulting in tender meat. I think my dad would "scramble" the egg within the dish so that it had the texture of egg drop, barely cooked streaks in the sauce. This video totally made me want to eat this.

  4. Pale Rider
    Pale Rider says:

    I like how tomatoes male their way into every cuisine.

    One dish from Thai hospital cafeteria I worked at that I miss, was a dish with glass noodles, egg, tomato, and green onion (among other ingredients)

  5. Fernando Cantuba
    Fernando Cantuba says:

    The 1st time I tried this dish was at Sam Wo, a restaurant in San Francisco's China Town, when I was very young. I very much enjoyed it. So happy you shared this recipe with us. Can't wait to try it out with my own family.

  6. VIETUS1040
    VIETUS1040 says:

    My Mother In Law Asked for This Video – Beef Tomato Stir Fry!. Video has attractive content and form. Watched the video on May 21, 2023 very like. Thank you

  7. Uncle Ken
    Uncle Ken says:

    This dish pretty much goes hand in hand with tomato with fried eggs as staple food in a cantonese household. Kids will always ask for more when this dish is served 😂

  8. Inez Y
    Inez Y says:

    As a Malay, I find it quite similar to our fried beef dish..the only difference is we cut the tomatoes into smaller chunks, add fried potatoes which is cut just like how you cut the tomatoes and we also add some big onions that we cut into rings just a minute or two before it's done so as to add a bit of sweetness to the dish. The rest of the ingredients are basically the same but we can also add some chilli and a bit of black pepper if we want to make it spicier.

  9. yvr2002rtw
    yvr2002rtw says:

    You can also serve this dish with spaghetti noodles instead of rice and you would have something that is similar to "Hong Kong style spaghetti" served at Hong Kong style tea houses.

  10. Tx Pepper
    Tx Pepper says:

    Pai….I've always wondered, why is the burner positioned so the heat control knob faces the camera rather than you or to either side? You are always reaching around the wok/pan to turn access the control knob and this doesn't seem very safe. • Yummy looking dish!

  11. Eugene Gee
    Eugene Gee says:

    Being Cantonese, this is one of my favorite dishes to cook. You did a wonderful job of demonstrating how to make this dish. I have never added the egg though. Perhaps that is just a tradition of your husband's family.

  12. yen2981
    yen2981 says:

    Happened to have some extra ribeye slices from dinner. Saw your post last night, realized that I also have all the other ingredients on hand. Was so excited that I made your beef tomato goodness this morning, with an egg it’s a legit breakfast! 😅 Thank you, Auntie Jenny & Pailin, it’s super tasty and satisfying!

  13. Randy Clary
    Randy Clary says:

    Thank you Auntie Jenny for sharing a childhood favorite of Craig's. Pai as some other have stated maybe you could share a few of your favorite Cantonese recipes with us. Love all you share with us.

  14. Nocturne22
    Nocturne22 says:

    I make a version of this – easy on the ketchup, thick sauce – with some sliced white onion for texture.

    When I was a kid, it was made by my mom as a thin a ketchup soup, basically. I hated how sweet it was! I later found out my mom made it that way because she thought I loved ketchup just that much, and she actually thought it was gross too.


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