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  1. Sweetheartcandyxoxo
    Sweetheartcandyxoxo says:

    Tunio needs better friends, always patronising her, trying to devalue her views and conversations. Even that kiss ass girl (host) was adding fuel to the fire, when anya kept making fun of tunio at their house…always over exaggerating and putting peer pressure on tunio, NOT VERY NICE ATTRIBUTES FOR A FUTURE DOCTOR!!!! This is why you should be careful who you take for a friend! This girl attacks tunio personally and professional… always trying to make her self, seem like she’s more and best in every aspect! WORDS OF WISDOM, not all parents and children need to be BEHBAAK! You had 7-8 year relationship before marriage and that Absolutely SHOWS… she is humble and has a more relaxed personality, which you always try to show as if she’s not wise or brave or has a personality! Shaggy DIRECTOR will Try and advise what needs to be done to damage control and change script for next vlog in hope that no one will see through it! Tunio makes friends ANYA try’s to take over! Tunio is camera mostly, LETS SHOVE THe CAMERA IN HER FACE! Always shows tunio from bottom half and never herself! IN FACT tunio is more attractive with her charisma and natural appearance, NOT OVER BLEACHED SKIN! Toxic friend! According to you ( anya ) there’s no one smarter or pretty or brave or traveled in the world, Just YOU? Totta chasham! GIRRGAT! The world is not dumb! NOT COOL always patronising and bullying, just because you’ve come to the uk before! Sad part is You know tunio has a small heart and isn’t BEHBAAK, so you take advantage of it! These TACTICS to harm tunio personal and professional image! You know she is yet to get married and start her career, so slowly slowly casting a negative light on her and diminish and devalue her credibility….

    Jar Katnah koi is se sekeh. First Bully tunio, neecha dekouh and when tunio tries to stand up for herself, Tum mujsai darti jo ho! Pit mehfil me always sumo neecha dekanah just like in oldham with the teacher, then in madu’s house ( who by the way was gracious enough to not go along with your bullying ) and now in Blackpool!

    And who are you to talk to her as if your her frickin MOTHER, SHALLITTER BAZ!

    Cheap mentality, hamesha dusreh ko neecha dekow or HAM sabse alla tareen.. susraal ka standard nahi, Islamabad ka standard nahi, uk ka standard nahi, Ali ko chuch nahi attah, Tunio ko chuch nahi attah, Ali ke Doston koi hamehaa neecha dekana gar ai pe,

    YouTube me sir Pe afflatton

  2. Kulsoom Shahid
    Kulsoom Shahid says:

    Dear [Nighat],

    My name is [Kulsoom], and I'm writing to inquire about any job openings you may have available. I came across your channel and was impressed with the content you're creating. I noticed that you have a lot of long videos, and I wanted to offer my services in transforming them into YouTube shorts.

    I have experience in video editing and have worked with various creators in the past. I'm confident that I can provide high-quality shorts that will help increase your channel's engagement and reach a wider audience.

    I am confident that our collaboration will yields positive results  and further soldify your position as a leading content creator. 

    Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best regards,



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