MY LIFE HACKS TIP #4 VEGAN | Connie's RAWsome kitchen

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Here’s a simple and very easy recipe using the pulp and making some yummy dehydrated crackers!! You can now support me on …

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  1. RoW
    RoW says:

    Connie I want to make pickled eggplant with Truffles, then pressure cook and add to shelf, can you give me a hand, they come out good I will send you a jar. thanks Rich

  2. linzertube
    linzertube says:

    I love juices, and never thought to make something from the pulp. It makes perfect sense, though. I’ll be back to watch your cracker/flatbread video, when you’re ready to post it.

  3. Miriam Schiro
    Miriam Schiro says:

    I hav the juicer I won from here and still use it everyday 🥰 don’t know what to do with the pulp so I been throwing it away 😬
    So thank you for the tip 🤗 can’t w8 to see the vid on what you do with it

  4. Song Bird
    Song Bird says:

    Thanks I have a Vita-mix. but a good juicer is just as expensive. So now I can juice as well. I can’t believe I’ve never thought of this as I make all my own milks 🤦🏻‍♀️ ❤️


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