Keto Chow Fan Favorite Re-Release – The Return of Blueberry Pie

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One of the most popular limited run flavors of Keto Chow has been their blueberry pie flavor. It’s definitely one of my top two or …

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  1. cayce
    cayce says:

    Woop Woop! I have my order in now. Thanks Steve for the heads up and the discount. Been waiting to make ice cream for some time now. And I agree with Chris Bair…ya gotta use the full name for your flavor!

  2. Cher Bear
    Cher Bear says:

    I am so fricken excited!! I finally get to try the blueberry pie 🥰🥰🥰 I also want to try the Maple Waffl! But my favorite of all time is Pecan Sticky Bun! Way to go, Steve

  3. Sheila Zangrilli
    Sheila Zangrilli says:

    I never was a huge fan of Keto Chow as it had a weird after taste to me. However since discovering I am sensitive to high oxalate containing foods, i.e., nearly all nuts(almonds), spinach, chocolate, and berries to name a few. I am drinking it again while I figure out what I can eat. 😒

  4. Cyndi Manka
    Cyndi Manka says:

    I haven’t even tried the pecans to keep on yet. I am so behind. I did a keto chow video a couple days ago and talked about it. But man this stuff is bad it’s right up there with the vanilla.

  5. Cyndi Manka
    Cyndi Manka says:

    I hated the blueberries, so bad I commented on keto child support group, and this young lady said I’ll take it. I messaged her and asked for her address and sent her three packages. I did not charge her and she wanted to pay and she was so happy. I will not be ordering it.

  6. Sassypants57
    Sassypants57 says:

    I must be doing something wrong. I ordered three different flavors of Keto Chow, just to try. I’ve had two so far (Chocolate Toffee and Natural Strawberry). I have to be honest here – I did not like either one. At all. I have the vanilla flavor left and will try it in a day or two, but I’m not holding out much hope. I followed directions on their site, using heavy cream and water. They were not enjoyable at all.

  7. Jane D
    Jane D says:

    I much prefer the Pecan Sticky Bun to the blueberry. Have the large bag going down quickly. Love it over the fruit flavors. My Keto Chow is never too thick. I use a blender and as someone else said, I fill bottle to top.


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