Weekly Food Shop – Sainsburys and Shoprite

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I did a Sainsburys order this week and also a wee trip around Shoprite in the Isle of Man. If finding weird and wonderful things in …

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  1. ShortyTall Family
    ShortyTall Family says:

    Who designed those jeans definitely had a great sense of humour 😂. I would also spend some extra money for something I really like and I can’t get anywhere else. I’m pretty sure you’ll make a few meals with all those meatballs

  2. sophia murry
    sophia murry says:

    No chocolate in sight very disciplined 😅 Have you got any Asian stores nearby they sell dates which are cheaper? They do them all year round now not just in Ramadan/Eid. I do find Sainsburys products good quality I only go in store to shop though. ❤

  3. Craft&Crochet
    Craft&Crochet says:

    Omg them jeans hahahaha. Oh dear honestly some people lol I would've bought them for April fools haha.

    What are the wages like over in Isle of Man? That's insane though.. nearly 2 quid for tomato puree.. saying that though it not much better over here. It wouldn't surprise me if it don't cost that in aldi in months to come come the way things are going up xx

  4. Sheena Maclean
    Sheena Maclean says:

    I'm really curious about the currency in IOM, I know they have their own currency but do they accept sterling? Or do you have to swap all your notes on arrival? Is one IOM £ (?) worth the same as a sterling £?


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