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  1. Cesar Suastegui
    Cesar Suastegui says:

    Mmm, I know you are probably going to have way less free time in the future (if you even have any to make vids), but I think reaction type vids are some of the ones that take less work to do, unless one has to remove too much XD, so how about a reacting with bagel series, those kind of vids mostly depend on the charisma of the youtuber and man you have it, anyway hope you see it and I leave my watch hour for the cause : )

  2. Doug
    Doug says:

    Just finished the video, the 1 hour flew by quick.
    Even though you're gonna be more busy, I hope you can find time to make food videos. You seem to have alot more fun making them and even just you making normal dinner has been great to watch.

  3. Omnicharlizard
    Omnicharlizard says:

    Lol Idk who else put one of the playlists on repeat over the last few days, but I think this video was the same length of one of playlists. But Bagels personality and opinions are always fun to watch

  4. DragonicBlizzard
    DragonicBlizzard says:

    Most of the critics for jack from cooking with jack are well deserved. The man served a chili made of spoiled ingredients at neighborhood competition hosted by a school, then claimed that the competition was rigged when he didn't get first place. If that kind of person doesn't deserve backlash I don't know what cooking channel does.

  5. charrodeluz
    charrodeluz says:

    I like your cooking videos and also the ideas, but I don't have an Oven, so I eat very simple practical things, also love watching you making the prep, the fast shots are boring to me.

  6. Shirayuki Nobunaga
    Shirayuki Nobunaga says:

    Now, Bagel, we can do this the hard way, or the easy way, or the medium way, or the semi-medium-easy-hard way, or the sorta hard with a touch of awkward-easy-difficulty-challenging way…

    So thats how you want to play it. I'll mute the video and let it play for the whole 53 minutes and 53 seconds

  7. greaterfiend
    greaterfiend says:

    Gordon Ramsey is nothing like on the american version of his show. Hes quite mellow in the british version. I heard he hates how the american version makes him act.

    Ive never heard of Thomas Keller, and Ive been a line cook before.

  8. Dave Stringfellow
    Dave Stringfellow says:

    FYI: Masterchef is a UK TV show that's been on since the 1990, and the US version was adapted for the US and presented by Gordon, he didnt name it 🙂 Its had a couple of formats over here, with the current one being 19 Seasons in.

  9. Jef
    Jef says:

    i watched the whole thing while doing something else without sound. hope this helps your watchtime. The food channel is such a fun thing, would be sad to see it leave YT.


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