Air Fryer Frozen Vegetables – How To Cook Frozen Mixed Stir Fry Vegetables In The Air Fryer

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These air frier frozen stir fry vegetables are amazing! Just dump a bag of frozen veggies in the air fryer and they cook to perfection!

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  1. John Marine
    John Marine says:

    My attempt at air frying frozen vegetables was unsuccessful. I did 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 16 minutes, shaking halfway. I over-seasoned the vegetables, and the vegetables were mostly dry. Maybe I'll do 10 minutes next time and try not to over-season. Thanks for the inspiration nonetheless.

  2. QueenC
    QueenC says:

    Thank you 💜❤️ so much, I will try this tonight!!!!! I like my veggies a little crispy/charred so I may add a couple of more minutes 😊. I need to lose another 50 lbs and I am a mom of 3. So this quick easy way will save me time and money!!!


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